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Here is a format you should use to make a cat. Feel free to add more than what is provided.













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Do I need to post her kits?
Name FernWhisker
Age 20 moons
Gender Female
Clan ShadowClan
DoB Leaf Fall
Goal To raise her kits safely
Personality Very quiet and more than a bit over protective
Mate None?
Kits SharpKit, DawnKit, RavenKit, StripeKit, PathKit
Likes Tranquility
Dislikes Chaos
Appearance Calico she-cat with green eyes
*Bio* She lived her entire life in RiverClan, then suddenly she announced that she was carrying kits. FernWhisker was very stubborn about keeping their father a secret, this of course started rumors about them being half clan.
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Name: Nightwing

Age: 33 moons

Gender: She-cat

Clan: Shadowclan

Rank: Warrior

Personality: Fun, silly, and outgoing

Traits: quixk acting, strong, brave

Background: grew up normally

Likes: hanging out with her crush, and hunting

Dislikes: Foxes and Thunderclan

Mate/Crush: secret


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Name: whiteshadow

Age: 32 moons

Gender: female

Clan: shadowclan

Rank: warrior

Personality: quiet, keeps to herself, likes to be alone, dark, mysterious, and secretive.

Traits: stealthy, sneaky, and a good swimmer.

Background: Her parents died when she was a young kit and so had to take care of herself. she always kept to herself, has two friends and that's it. Since then, she always was either training or out hunting so she can protect the ones she loves most in case what happened to her parents happens again.

Likes: to be alone in the woods by herself, fighting, music, and swimming.

Dislikes: being in crowds, loudness, annoying noises, and most males.

Mate/Crush: doesn't have one, yet



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Name: RussetStar

Age: 98 Moons.

Gender: She-Cat

Clan: ShadowClan

Rank: Leader

Personality: Serious, distant, conflicted, but playful. Do not underestimate this great leader's age, Russetstar is still a fierce leader and does not take no for an answer.

Traits: Great leader, great fighter, diplomat.

Background: When Russetstar was a young she-cat, her mate was killed in a border skirmish. She lost her litter of kits soon after. And after a few moons of grief she led a patrol to victory in a battle to teach their enemies a lesson and was named deputy. Then leader when the previous leader died of sickness.

Likes: Quiet hunting. Peace. And talking with her clanmates.

Dislikes: RiverClan for killing her mate.

Mate/Crush: None.

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Here is an example, as well as my main OC.

Name: Silentmoon.

Age: 42 Moons.

Gender: Male.

Clan: ShadowClan.

Rank: Deputy.

Personality: Quiet, Loyal, Slightly Bossy. With an undying resolve to protect his clan.

Traits: Very quick and stealthy.

Background: When Silentmoon was just an apprentice, foxes attacked the ShadowClan camp and killed his parents and his sister. He decided to move on and live his life and became the deputy for his duty to the Clan and his loyalty, his bravery was also an attribute for his rank.

Likes: Hunting alone, fighting, Starting at the moon at night.

Dislikes: Betrayal, ThunderClan, light duties (Such as cleaning nests and removing elders ticks)

Mate/Crush: None yet.
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