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Welcome to our community! Please read the rules before joining.



1) Please respect other's opinions/beliefs. This is a community for fun, not political debates.

2) Please listen to mods/owners. We have nothing against you, we just want to keep a happy place where people have fun.

3) Please do not spam the community. You don't need to repost your oc 50 times, and you're not going to die if you don't reshare that "repost to 382891 communities or you'll die at 4:20 in the morning by your blanket smothering you" post.

4) Please be respectful to those who offer you constructive criticism. They only want to help you improve. I can understand that people nit-picking your baby is rough, but just know that they want to help you improve the potential they see in you. And speaking of criticism...

5) If you give someone a critique, please make sure it's constructive. Commenting "lol this sucks. kys" doesn't help at all. Point out things you like/dislike, offer suggestions to fix things you dislike, etc. Being rude about it doesn't help. I suggest looking out for any critiques +Marrow Heart​​​​ if you're not sure how to give a good critique​, she's very experienced and her ocs are well-designed.

6) Please nothing nsfw. Including porn, intense gore, etc. There are plenty of members under 18, and do not need to be exposed to that kind of stuff.

7) Please keep swearing to a minimum. Again, there's probably gonna be a fair about of children here.

8) Do not ask for mod/owner. I will make a post if I ever need mods, but for now I only feel comfortable having close friends as mods.

Rules may change from time to time, so please check the rules from time to time. I will most likely make a post if rules are change though, so no need to worry.

+Canned Salad Soup​​​​​

+Marrow Heart​​​
+Ghost Train 64-Bit
+Pink Popstar

If you ever have any questions or need help, feel free to tag an owner and/or mod!

Have fun!

-Canned Salad Soup

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Someone who G+ won't let me tag challenged peeps to only use the MS paint airbrush in an arts so I drew Horace, my spoopy bab who jus wants to be everyone's fren.
I actually kinda liked using it lol. Looks kinda like sidewalk chalk.

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Heeeere's Aberration
He's part of a story I'm writing heh. Nightmare n two other ineverans have taken influence over mankind.
Ineverans are these weird being things named after their powers, like Time n Pain n all. The one that gave him the syringe is still undecided but it'll most likely be Depression.

And side note I know that's not what normal hooves look like, his are weirder to fit his name.
Here's another OC, Aberration.

Like others of his kind (ineverans) he is named after his abilities: distorting reality, taking many forms, and sensing more things than normal creatures (disasters, events, hidden reasons or intents, etc) being among them. The syringe is a power weakener that was given by one of Nightmare's allies (both also ineverans) after Aberration kept getting in the way of their plans for the fall and control of mankind. Removal is tedious and dangerous and as of such Aberration has been seeking another ineveran to aid him in it, a hard task since most of them are dormant.

He tends to be vague or just avoid or flat-out refuse giving answers to general questions, though he'll usually give a straight answer if someone's asking for certain advice or wisdom (and he's full of knowledge and experience in both cases). He's generally very calm and has much self control and a thirst to see justice done.

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