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* improvements to the drop algorithm
* minor fixes

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* AI will now sometimes leave "without 3"
* improved application stability
what's new after 1.5.4:
* AI will now sometimes play blindly when whisting
* show game type in pool dialog when it ends
#android   #preferans   #cardgames  

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* landscape mode for all devices
* custom card and suit images support (see description for details)
* changed leader board appearance
* undo drop for misere
* small playing algorithm improvements
* fixed a number of reported issues
#android   #games   #preferans

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* game of 10 is checked by default
* fixed all pass statistics in Rostov
* UI fix for small screen devices
* improved stability
#android   #games   #preferans  

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* 2 additional passing interruption settings
* new setting for checking a game of 10
* new setting for controlling animation speed
* offers menu behavior slightly changed
* buttons "Open" and "Blind" do not overlay the cards now
* minor improvements in playing algorithms
* fixed known issues in game statistics

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* minor improvements in playing algorithms
* several issues resolved
#android #game #preferans

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* introducing extended games statistics
* "No more tricks" offer option in all-pass set
* fixed pool appearance on Android 4.3
* improved app stability

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* integration with popular social networks
* leaderboard now displays player rank, not only top ten. Please note that you have to complete at least one full game to see your rank.
* several bug fixes

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* changes in whisting algorithms
* 4-way game declare control
* an ability to replay the last deal
* undo drop functionality
* display balance deltas in pool
* insignificant GUI changes
* several bug fixes

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* configurable confirmations for first bid and contract
* configurable "skip-a-game" when AI plays human cards
* slightly increased font size on callouts
* pool dialog now shows tricks taken by players
* various fixes and tweaks
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