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Tonight's video is Mass Effect: Andromeda. We start the quest, Hinting The Archon, and head to Kadara. I hope you enjoy. I am working on getting GTA 5 back up and running. It is a big pain, lol.
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Tonight's episode is Mass Effect: Andromeda! This game is really a beautiful looking game. I was going to do LSPDFR but again the game out of no where decides it won't start. So after a few hours I decided to play Mass Effect. I hope you enjoy!

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This is how to make Tom Hardy in mass effect Andromeda. Hope you enjoy ;)

Anyone playing Andromeda multiplayer on PS4?

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Why is this community so inactive 

On another note. Is there a trick to unlock uncommon weapon mods and gear bonus'?

I would've thought veteran pack was the way to go. But since I've maxed out my uncommon characters and weapons I've recieved probably 90-95% consumables. I've actually improved my item capacity more times than I've received these illusive items.

I'll be on PSN if anyone wants to play

Hello all, I've recently joined a group of Mass Effect 3 roleplayers that employ mainly Facebook (and Google+ now with my involvement.) I'm a long-time fan of the Mass Effect series and I do thoroughly enjoy Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer. My N7 score is 944 with a challenge score of 6755. I'm looking for experienced players to play with on occasion as I tend to play with my Roleplaying group as well.

I have the trilogy on PS3 now.
Gearfox711 for some MP
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