The Objective of this Social Media Integration Resume is to express my current availability for Remote Contract Social Media Integration Projects and highlight my Customer Relationship Management practices, strategies and technologies used to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer life-cycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers. The overall strategy is to create a pipeline of leads and contacts from various channels such as websites, social media, chat, email & newsletters to make those leads available for further sales processes. Relevant Platforms include: Zoho, HubSpot, Bitrix24, Facebook, FoxyCart, Google, Jamroom, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Microsoft Exchange Server, OneAll, Online Chat, Outlook, Twitter, Yahoo and other Platform Research. Development & API Integrations of Visitors, Members & Users Data Synchronization to CRM. Documentation to Diagram the Flow of Leads & Contacts. For more detailed descriptions of my skillsets and exposure see below.

Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to the practices, strategies and technologies used to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer life-cycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers. The overall strategy is to create a pipeline of leads and contacts from various channels such as websites, social media, chat, email & newsletters to make those leads available for further sales processes.
Zoho- Zoho is a full stack platform with many tools and functionality to handle: Sales & Marketing, Help Desk, Business Processes, Finance, Human Resources, CRM, Email, Collaboration, Surveys, Campaigns, Sites, Contact Management, Web Forms, Social Media Management, Sales Activity Management, Project Management, Bug Tracker, Web Conferencing, Password Manager, Chat, Web based IT support, Web based Mobile Device Management, Remote Computer Management, Accounting, Payments, Billing, Expense Reporting, Online Inventory and Order Management, Invoicing, Applicant Tracking, Custom Mobile Apps, Business Intelligence, Website Monitoring, Real-time Dashboards, Leaderboards, Scorecards, Project Management, Visitor Tracking, Analytics, Online Reporting. Research and setup Zoho CRM Portal including Calendar, Campaigns, Chat, Contact Manager, Creator, CRM, Docs, Forms, Mail, Projects, SalesIQ, Feeds, Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Deals, Activities, Reports, Visitor Tracking. Setup Web Forms to push leads from website into CRM automatically, Data Filters to highlight relative content, manage Users and Security Control, Modules, Templates, Workflow Rules, Extensions & APIs and Data Administration.
HubSpot- HubSpot is a CRM with functionality to manage Contacts, Companies, Deals, Tasks, Sales, Notifications, Templates, Sequences, Documents, Prospects, Meetings, Messages & Call Queues. Setup & CRM Configuration done on: Profile, Notifications, Email Integrations, Team, Calling, Import & Export, Mobile Apps. Install Marketing Tracking Code on Website. Setup Lead Flows to add Flow Triggers, Callout, Data Forms & Thank You Messages to gather visitor information for later use, such as to deliver offers, create registrations for events and gain insights about customers. Create Website Lead Flows to automatically gather data from all forms on Website. Create Pop-up Box Lead Flows to promote active social channels, and highlight the most valuable content. Add captured leads to email subscriber lists with push of captured contacts to MailChimp list, and integrate email providers to push contacts to existing email service provider.
Bitrix24- Bitrix24 is a CRM platform with functionality for: Leads, Deals, Invoices, Quotes, Contacts, Companies, Activities, Streams, Reports, Sales Funnel, Face Tracker, History, Products, Forms, Website Widgets. Also functionality for: Workgroups, Applications, Company, Time and Reports, Open Channels, Business Tools, Telephony, Live Chat, API, Tasks, Calendar, Cloud Drive, Photos, Conversations, Webmail. Workspace Activity Stream allows System Notification and easy addition of Messages, Tasks, Events, Polls, Files, Appreciations, Announcements, Workflow Tasks and Process Automation. Setup and Configure: Profile, Network Page, Notifications, E-mail Integration, Company Details, Drive, Calendar, Employees. CRM: Templates, Custom Form Fields, Analytical Reports, Payment Options, Tracker, Statuses, Dropdowns, Format, Duplicate Control, Invoice Numbers, Quotes. Telephony Connections, SIP, Users & Access Permissions, Balance & Statistics. Facebook Integration, REST API Service, Zapier, Widgets Code, Outlook & Gmail Connectors, Desktop App for Windows. Inbound & Outbound Web Hooks with Events & Handlers.
Visitors, Members & Users Data Synchronization to CRM- All Data is Synchronized into CRM from sources such as: Website Visitors & Member Signup, Users, Phone Requests, Zoho Sales IQ Chats, Mail Chimp Newsletter Signups, HubSpot Subscription Popup, Email Tracking, Outlook & Gmail Integration, Voice Messages, SMS Messages, Social Marketing, Log Files, URL Link Tracking, Email Marketing Tag Integration. Database API Integration via Jamroom Tables and APIs, PHP Session Variables to log Cookies, Email, Pages Visited and Site Usage.

Custom Development is done to implement special Website functions, Jamroom Platform Updates, Database Logging & Exports, API Integrations and Reporting. Also proprietary coding for the Iron Blue Platform.
Jamroom Templates- Modify Jamroom Content Page Templates and Routing Engine Files to add functionality for custom Templating to output Custom HTML without Site Navigation. Create Custom Templates for Header, Footer, Site Map and Custom Forms.
Social Follow Link Redirect Logging- Create Social Link Redirect from Email Links to first log Email, IP Address and Request to DB and create Visitor Tracking Cookies then redirect to external Social Media Pages via Query String Parameters in Links. This allows Logging of Visitors that go directly to the Social Media Pages then to Website. Involves modification of Jamroom Routing Engine Files and MySql Tables.
Zoho SalesIQ Tracking Codes- Add Zoho SalesIQ Tracking Codes to Newsletter & Email Links. Integrate into Templates and other custom Email Marketing material and Email signatures.
Log Request To DB- Log all GET, POST and Request values to Database, read and set Logged In User, Cookies, Session Ids, Query Strings. Use of PHP Server, Global and Request Variables: REQUEST_URI, PATH_INFO, QUERY_STRING, HTTP_HOST, HTTP_REFERER, HTTP_USER_AGENT, REMOTE_ADDR. Use of Adminer Tools for Database access and reports. Modification of Routing Engine PHP files, some of the PHP script elements used are: foreach $key $value in $_GET & $_POST, $_COOKIE, $_post, $_SESSION, $_user, $_REQUEST, setcookie, jrUser_session_start, implode, jrCore_db_query, mysql_connect, mysql_select_db, mysql_query, mysql_error. Modification of MySQL Tables to add new data.
Smarty Templates- Smarty is a Template Engine for PHP, facilitating the separation of presentation (HTML/CSS) from application logic. This implies that PHP code is application logic, and is separated from the presentation.
PhpStorm- PhpStorm is an Integrated Development Environment built for web development including full JavaScript, CSS and HTML support. Other corresponding plugins can also be installed into PhpStorm.

Domain Name Service is used across the internet and internal networks to guide Network Traffic.
Base Setup- Setup Internal and External DNS with FreeDNS for all Email, Website, Domain, Suffixs, VPN, Network Tools & Security. Addition of MX, TXT, A, CNAME, PTR, DMARC, SPF records. Use of DNS Testing Tools such as Mxtoolbox, Intodns, Whois, Nslookup & Dnscmd, Ping, Trace, Port Scan. Test Email Server for Deliverability and Blacklist Checks.

Documentation for all Site and Systems Functionality.
Resume Publication- Created from Project Management Item Blurbs and complied into a Social Media Integration Resume. Then final Resume HTML published on Website, Admin Forums, Email Campaigns, Montgomery LightSwitch Website, Facebook, linkedIn, Google+ & Twitter.
Base Template Docs- Create Base Template for all Documents used online, printed, PDF, Word etc. Streamline organization of Site Documentation.
SharePoint, SSRS, SSIS to AWS & Azure Cloud- Creation of detailed analysis of possible implementation of SharePoint, SSRS, SSIS to AWS & Azure Cloud.
Site & System Functions- Create detailed Documentation for all site functionality such as New Members, Payment Gateways, Development etc. The Documentation is segmented by User Type such as Administrators, Managers, Members, Visitors.
Diagram Flow of Leads & Contacts- Create Diagram Flow of Leads and Contacts from all sources and how they are related. This includes Web, Chat, Email, Phone, Direct Contact, Members, Removals, Newsletters, Social Media & Press Releases.

Management of all Emails for Internal Systems, Website, and Social Media Accounts. Manage Newsletter Subscription and Removal Lists. Integrate and manage Exchange Server and Email Security, DNS, Blocks, Spam Filtering.
Jamroom Templates- Manage Jamroom Email Templates for various platform modules: Action, Akismet, Auto Follow, Comment, Core, Custom Form, Event, Follower, Forum, FoxyCart, Group, Group Discuss, Like, LogWatch, Market, OneAll, Rating, Service Shop, Ticket, Tracker, Users. Modify Templates to add Logo Branding, HTML formats, custom functionality.
MailGun- Powerful APIs that enable send, receive and track email effortlessly. Integrate MailGun with Jamroom and setup of Public API Key, Secret API Key, MailGun Domain.
Test Accounts- Create and manage multiple test email accounts on various email platforms and internal systems to test functionality, formats, deliverability and development requirements.

Facebook is a social networking website and service where users can post comments, share photographs and links to news or other interesting content on the Web, play games, chat live, and even stream live video.
Share Content To Facebook- Setup Social Media Connectors to allow Content sharing from Website, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ to Facebook. Install ShareThis functionality on Jamroom site.
OneAll Integration- Setup Facebook Developer Account with Verification to create and register Facebook App and configure setting: App ID, App Secret, Display Name, Namespace, Contact Email, Privacy Policy URL, Terms of Service URL, App Icon, Category, Website, Site URL, Permissions. Register Facebook App with OneAll.
Facebook Profile- Setup Company Facebook Profile, add Logo, create base content manage permissions. Manage Connector Apps for Bitrix24, MailChimp, Twitter, Yelp, Zapier & Zoho. Mange Pages, Events, Posts and Groups.

FoxyCart allows you to sell any product, to any customer, on any website, on any device. Create and manage multiple stores from one dashboard. Needed are Website Integration, Email Functionality, Product Templates and PayPal Integration.
Website Integration- Integrate Javascript Code Snippets on Website to allow FoxyCart functionality. Configure Store settings into Website Platform Dashboard: API Key, Store Sub Domain URL, Store Version.
Email Functionality- Setup System Emails used for Ecommerce functionality. Review all Emails generated during product purchases: new purchase, new sale, new user, receipt, system sale.
Product Templates- Product Templates are used to define the URLs used for purchasing products which consist of Product Name, Price, Location, Web Address & Product Code. URL Encoding is used to maintain details in Website product links.
FoxyCart Profile- Setup FoxyCart account profile, implement website integration code snippets, review security issues and all Ecommerce functionality. FoxyCart starts in development mode, and cannot process live transactions until the store is activated to enable a live payment gateway.
PayPal- Setup PayPal and connect to FoxyCart as a Payment Gateway.

Google+ – or Google Plus – is a social network from Google. Some of its tools and features come from existing services and platforms, some of the features are similar to other popular social networks and micro-blogging platforms.
Share Content To Google+- Setup Social Media Connectors to allow Content sharing from Website, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to Google+. Install ShareThis functionality on Jamroom site.
Google+ Profile- Setup Company Google+ Profile, add Logo, create base content and manage permissions. Review other available Google Products for future integration. Mange Pages, Events, Posts, Notifications, and Communities. Manage Connector Apps for Bitrix24, MailChimp, Twitter, Zapier & Zoho.
Google Docs for Campaign Subscribers- Google Docs Forms and Spreadsheets used to manage Campaign Subscribers. Create Form for Email Removal Requests.
OneAll Integration- Create and register new Google API Application, configure and setup: Application type, JavaScript origins & Redirect URIs. Create credentials for OAuth keys with Client ID & Secret. Register application settings into OneAll.

Iron Blue
Customized Business Intelligence Software & Tools.
Iron Blue Platform- Iron Blue is a proprietary custom suite of products for internal use consisting of various back-end Business Intelligence Tools and Social Media Platforms.

Jamroom is an Open Source Social Media platform built with PHP, MySQL.
Form Design- Add Fields and Code for extra functionality such as Custom Searches, Backend Reporting, User Management & Content Management.
Platform Setup- Configure all Site Settings & Templates, Base Content, Base Layout, Quotas, Permissions and User Functionality. Modification of Skin Theme Template Code to allow for Custom Functionality. Mange Site Content with Embedded Forms, Event Calendars, Gallery Images, HTML Editor, Item Lists, Item Lists(Combined), RSS Feed, Site Search, Tag Clouds, Template Code, Uploaded Images, User Login & Signup and Video Players.
Customizations- Customization to various functionality and development such as Admin Navigation, Site Map, Request Routing Engine, Logging, Reporting & Cookie Management.
ShareThis Profile- Setup and configure ShareThis functionality on Jamroom to allow content sharing across multiple Social Media platforms.
Backup to Amazon S3- Setup and configuration of automatic backup of system files and databases to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Bucket Name, Region, AWS Secret Key. Test Backup and Restore processes.
Documentation Forums- Creation of detailed Site Documentation and Forums Structures to allow various levels of access to Public, Management and Admin Users.
Jamroom Profile- Configuration of Hosting and Server details, including DNS, Logging, Testing, Backups, and Third Party Integrations such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google Docs, LinkedIn, Zapier, Analytics, Zoho SalesIQ Chat, OneAll, Mail Chimp Newsletter & FoxyCart.

LinkedIn is a Social Media Platform dedicated to business related content and contacts.
LinkedIn Publishing- Added LinkedIn Publishing as a means to display content from LinkedIn to other Platforms.
Share Content To LinkedIn- Setup Social Media Connectors to allow Content sharing from Website, Google+, Twitter and Facebook to LinkedIn. Install ShareThis functionality on Jamroom site.
LinkedIn Profile- Setup LinkedIn Profile and update information including logos, images, base pages.
OneAll Integration- Create LinkedIn Application and manage Authentication, Settings, Roles, Mobile, JavaScript, OS, Usage & Limits. Register LinkedIn App with OneAll and setup Authorized Redirect, Client ID & Secret.

Mail Chimp
MailChimp is a leading Email Marketing Platform used to communicate with subscribers and track marketing performance.
Subscription List Management- Manage Subscription Lists: Manage Contacts, Signup Forms, List name and defaults, Publicity Settings, List Fields & Merge Tags, Required Footer Content, Email Beamer, Webhooks, Export Lists for use in other marketing campaigns. Handle Removals and review Google Analytics & List Statistics.
Performance Reporting- Review Newsletter Marketing Statistics such as: Open rate, List averages, Industry averages, Click rate, Opened, Clicked, Bounced, Unsubscribed, Successful deliveries, Total opens, Clicks per unique opens, Total clicks, Top links clicked, Subscribers with most opens, Social performance, Tweets, URL clicks, Likes, Top locations by opens.
Campaign Management- Create Custom Website page code with custom formatting of Newsletter HTML content for current Newsletters. Modify Website Routing Engine to allow hidden URL with Query String settings to allow content to be imported on send time. Upload Campaign images and get URLs for use in HTML.
Mail Chimp Profile- Create MailChimp profile and setup Campaigns, Templates, Lists, Reports and Automation to send Emails based on Events and Subscriber behavior. Configure API Key, List ID, Verify Domain, Lists, Suppression Lists, RSS Feeds, Unsubscribe Routines. Setup Integrations to Website, Facebook & HubSpot.
Web Form Lead Code- Setup HubSpot Popup code to allow Website Users to add their Email to MailChimp marketing campaigns. Manage Lead Flows and Collected data to MailChimp.
Removal Systems- Configure Google Docs Form Code to allow Subscription Removal. Setup Export from Google Docs and Import to Suppression Lists. Manage Email removals from other internal and external marketing campaigns.

Microsoft Exchange Server
Exchange is used for front-end and back-end Email services.
Custom Email Routing- Custom Integration Transport Agent DLLs for specialized Email Routing. Build Website interface to configure Lookups, Tiers, Processes, Tests, System and Error Logs & Debug Settings. DLL created with SQL, .NET, Factory Design Pattern, OnEndOfDataHandler Event Handler. Namespaces: SmtpReceiveAgent, SmtpReceiveAgentFactory, Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Transport & Smtp. Use PowerShell scripts for Install, Enable, Disable and Uninstall Agents and Queues.
Exchange Setup- Install and configure Exchange Server 2012. Organization and Windows Domain integration. Mail Flow: rules, delivery reports, accepted domains, email address policies, receive connectors, send connectors. Permissions for admin roles, user roles, Outlook Web App policies. Servers, databases, availability groups, virtual directories, SSL Certificates.
Public Emails And Folders- Manage adding new public Emails and folders with Exchange Management Shell Tools & PowerShell Routines.

Use OneAll Social Login service to let users login and register with one click on to website or mobile apps using their social network accounts. Improve sign-up rate, obtain pre-validated email addresses and gather rich demographic user data without using any forms.
OneAll Profile- Research, integrate and setup OneAll Social Login functionality for Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter & Mail Chimp. Configure Subdomain, Public Key, Private Key, API Endpoint in website dashboard.
Test Login Functionality- Create test accounts for each of the login types: Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter & MailChimp. Test and validate the login and reporting functionality of each type.

Online Chat
Online Chat is accessed via Website and allows live communication with site support & sales personnel.
Zoho SalesIQ- Install Web Embed Zoho SalesIQ Chat Code, JavaScript APIs and Custom CSS. Integrate Google Analytics and Zoho CRM. Portal allows for Live Chat, Reporting, Tracking, Lead Scoring, Logging of Web Requests. Data prepopulated from URL. Manage Chat Transcripts via Email.
Bitrix Chat- Bitrix CRM has internal Chat Functionality for Bitrix Users. This allows all site support and sales communication to be funneled into CRM Pipeline.
Chat Research- Items Researched to implement Chat Functionality: Instant Messenger, AIM, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, GTalk, QQ, WeChat, Olark, Chatra, JavaScript APIs, Custom CSS, Web Embed Code.

Microsoft Outlook is an Email client that is used for the majority of internal communication and allows for custom tools and integrations.
Custom Macros- Create and modify specialized VSTO Add-In Macros for Processing of Emails, Auto Replies, Database Account Access, Communication Logs, Custom Text Formatters. Development platforms include VBA, C#.NET, SQL, Exchange, Office Interop Outlook Inspectors Events.
Email Handling Rules- Manage Email Handling Rules for all accounts and services such as routing client Emails to proper departments, archiving, spam deletion.

Platform Research
With many free and paid social media and digital management tools to choose from it is important to research and make proper decisions from the platforms and integrations available. This includes functionality such as Ecommerce, Analytics, Telephony, Web Forms, Office Tools etc.
Research Social Media Platforms, Tools And Integrations- Some of the platforms that have been researched but not implemented are: Autopilot, Vcita, CRM Pro, Insightly, Janrain, Twilio, Slack, Recurly, Adwords, Hatchbuck, Apptimize, Segment, Woopra, Data2CRM, Promoter, JivoChat, Lifecycle, LiveChat, Mode, MouseStats, Olark, OpenCart, VanillaSoft, Tableau & Inbound.

The Jamroom Quota System is used to allocate or restrict module resources to User Profiles.
Quota Configuration- Quota Browser is part of the Admin Control Panel Tools and is used to manage the various Quota Level Permissions and functionality for User Groups (Site_Partners, Site_Visitor, Site_Administrators, Site_Members, Site_Managers) and Account Types (Standard User, Profile Admin and Master Admin, Power User). Set Quota Levels for: Event Calendars, Gallery Images, HTML Editor, Item Lists, Item Lists(Combined), RSS Feed, Site Search, Tag Clouds, Template Code, Uploaded Images, User Login & Signup and Video Players.

Reports are used for various levels of data retrieval from various sources including: Custom Page Formats, Access Logs, Newsletters, Project Management Forums, Internal Databases and Social Media Platforms.
Log Files- Adminer Database Tools are able to run custom SQL statements for reporting on Website Log Files to identify use patterns and any potential security issues.
OneAll Reports- User Insights, Summary, Connections, Demographics, New Users, Returning Users, Shared Content.
Visitor Reports and Exports- Visitor Reports and Exports, use APIs to update CRM and create marketing from exports.
Google Analytics- Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. Reports include: Real Time Locations, Traffic Sources, Behavior, Events, Conversions, Active Users, User Explorer, Demographics, Benchmarking, Campaigns & Behavior Flow. Setup Profile & Account Settings, Filters, Property Settings, User Management, Tracking Info and Website Integration Code.
Content Page Template Formats- Modify back-end page format templates to customize display HTML for Newsletters, Google Posts, Facebook Posts, LinkedIn Posts and other special display formats.

Routines are used for all system and site functionality.
Content Routines- Create Content as appropriate: Events, Blog Posts, Forum Responses, Website and Other Social Media Content. Update & Share Social Media Integration Resume: Create HTML Output Formats for: Emailers, Websites & PDF. Update Resume to LinkedIn, Facebook & Google+ Profiles. Create Documentation for Resume Updates. Create Newsletter Campaigns: Review settings in MailChimp, Google Docs, Outlook & Exchange. Sync Subscribers to Users in ACP MailChimp Module. Add Newsletter in MailChimp, add Suppression Lists from Google Docs Remove Spreadsheet. Create Press Releases: Add current activity for each stage of business with links.
Social Media Routines- Manage CRM Site Users: Configure Profiles and Settings. Share Content as appropriate: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Google+. Interact with Social Media Visitors as appropriate: Comments, Likes, Chat, Tweets, and Messages. Interact with Site Visitors as appropriate: Email, Live Chat and Voip Calls.
Sales Routines- Manage Sales Pipeline Channels and Lead Data from: Emails, Voice, Site Members, Website Live Chat & Voip Calls. Pull current content from Website to use in Newsletter, Articles, Events & Press Releases. Send Newsletter and review Statistics. Publish Press Releases to Websites.

Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages restricted to 140 characters.
Share Content To Twitter- Setup Social Media Connectors to allow Content sharing from Website, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook to Twitter. Install ShareThis functionality on Jamroom site.
Twitter Profile- Create Twitter Profile including Logos & Permissions.
OneAll Integration- Create Twitter Application and configure Application Settings, Owner ID, Application Actions. Generate Consumer API Key & API Secret, create Client Access Token. Manage App & API Permissions. Update OneAll with Access Token, Access Token Secret, Access Level Read and Write.

Yahoo Email Client Functionality is used and tested.
Yahoo Profile- Test Yahoo Profiles with Oneall and other systems such as Email Clients and Logging. Review Development Tools and APIs.
OneAll Integration- Create Yahoo App and setup Application Type, Callback Domain, Client ID and Client Secret to access Yahoo APIs protected by OAuth. Register App settings into OneAll.
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