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Jamal Eason

Discussion  - 
In case you missed it, we posted Android 5.0 Nexus factory images for:
Nexus 9
Nexus 5
Nexus 7 Wifi (2013 & 2012)
Nexus 10
Nexus 4
Nexus Player

and the source code is posted on the Android Open Source Project:

OTAs are rolling out as make sure you are on a factory image and not the L Developer Preview Image.

Nexus 6, and Nexus 7 3G(nakasig) /LTE(razorg) factory images are coming soon...
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Can't wait to get android l
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Why is full brightness on the Nexus 5 on 5.1 look like the lowest brightness setting?
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rajesh kanna

Discussion  - 
Hi friends can any one help me how to convert PDF to image format ..
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Open PDF in Adobe Photoshop. Save as desired format. Easiest. Or try these
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preview builds of frank 15 for those we want to test.
settings and contacts layers 2 commits aren't in yet.
was just chasing some more bug fixes and nulls, exceptions and leaks.
In general this should be smoother and snappier, media buffing should be a bit better on gsm, video and audio should be quicker and snappier.
fyi, animations and such are set to .75, I personally change them myself to .5 so .75 is a good compromise.



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Samsung has recently been killing off the whole market with its latest release of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Apart from the breath-taking features that the Samsung Galaxy S6 hold...
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Download WhatsApp 2.12.12 Apk for Android | Techbeasts via @Techbeasts
WhatsApp is getting more and more updates because they are adding a new twist, Voice calling features is the latest twist from WhatsApp. Those who want the voice calling features on WhatsApp, all y...
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Hangouts is built in
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Nexus 9 Giveaway:
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Suyog Gunjal

Discussion  - 
This is the perfect app to have a good time with your Unix Operating System...
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Now a days all i am seeing is that people are waiting to get their WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature On Android. WhatsApp is making it more interesting and also it free advertisement, you can enable y...
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Can you call me please 18765302461
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About this community

ADP is an exclusive community for motivated developers who are interested in testing pre-released products. Please accept our invitation if you'd like to participate. Additional details will be revealed soon!
Please if you like my last indie game share and rate it :)

Deep Space Invaders is a FREE action game where you have to save the galaxy and destroy a lots of invasive alien faction spaceship to achieve the greatest possible number of points and achievements . Your spaceship should avoid the enemy attacks and have to destroy all the ships as you can before they kill you . Challenge your friends and uncover who is the most skilled . 

Android :

iOS :

#games   #android   #itunes  
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WhatsApp is getting more and more updates because they are adding a new twist, Voice calling features is the latest twist from WhatsApp. Those who want the voice calling features on WhatsApp, all y...
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Hi, I am having trouble in creating a horizontal list view in Android.
How can I develop on using ListView (which is deprecated) and/or RecyclerView?
If there is any tutorial or StackOverflow Q. regarding the same then plz share that link here please !
Thank you in Advance :)
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+Ashutosh Bansal I did try RecyclerView after that query but facing this problem..
check my S.O. question, if you know the solution then pls let me know (p.s. I am using viewpager for now  as suggested there, but would love to get the recyclerview method)

S.O. Question link :
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Android 3D
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How the new Play Store Age Based Rating system works in-depth look at the new rating system
Google has introduced a new Age Based Play Store rating system allowing users to see what age group an app is suitable for
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Can anyone answer this Question, plz help me out here guys!!!
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Posted an answer. Give it a shot.
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Google has recently unveiled its latest and sweetest update to Android Lollipop! Android 5.1 is now out for the Stock Android devices, like the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. But if you happen to be one of t...
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