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Be sure to read the info section so you understand the world this is based on
(I didn't come up with this, all info pulled from the books)

i sigh, enjoying the sun as a wolf for a while, thinking go myself. I huff quietly, thoughts drifting to the upcoming ceremonies a moment
( +Jason McAllen​)

(Been a while)

( +Jason McAllen​)

I smile slightly as I shift closer to you, curling up next to you in the dark after waking up in the middle of the night. I sigh quietly, thinking as I watch you


I lace my skates up tightly, making sure they're on right. I stand, strsightening my skirt and moving to the rink entrance, watching another while waiting


I lean down to tighten the laces of my sneakers,.before starting to run. I follow my usual path, starting down the main road and then into the woods...and excellent place to think

I return to the pack after a long trip and I start walking back to my home

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Name Kristen Snow

Age 16 

Gender Female

Species Canis Lupus 

Personality Optimistic, Stubborn, Clumsy, Strong minded, Outgoing, Caring, Adventurous, Lovable, and Brave

Pack New York

Position not yet

Family Mr. and Mrs. Snow and Andrew

Mate not yet

Bio I pretty much lead a normal life for being a wolf. I'm passing all my classes, going to parties, and hanging out with friends. My parents thinks I should be a teacher like them but I want to see the world and feel the dirt, sand, soil, grass, and water underneath my paws and hopefully one day meet my soulmate. 
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Name: Andrew Snow

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Canus Lupus 

Personality: Adventurous, Courageous, Romantic. Fun loving, Trustworthy, and Optimistic

Pack: New York

Position if any: None

Family: Kristen Snow (sister) and Mr. and Mrs. Snow

Mate: none

Bio: Born a son of two High School teachers you wouldn't expect me to be a werewolf, I keep it hidden but the instincts still kicks into high gear. It's easy for my sister who has complete understanding of her wolf. Would i be lucky enough to have control over the wolf inside? I have no idea only that it's fighting to come out of isolation.
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Name- David Frost

Age- 25

Gender- Male

Species- Canis Lupus (I'll try to find a picture for the wolf form)

Personality- Protective, Courageous, Intelligent, Determined, Honest, and Serious 

Pack- Maine

Position if any- Alpha

Family- Ethan, Morgana, Rose, William (Siblings), Emma (Cousin), James, Angeline (Parents), Andrea (Aunt), and Jacob (Uncle)

Mate, if found one yet- none right now

Bio- Born to be a alpha, and to run the pack by the old pack laws. Every now and then I deal with Ethan wandering off from the pack, I've told him the dangers of entering another pack's territories, but he still doesn't listen. 

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Here's my wolf form
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