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There is a First Saturday event in Cambridge on August 6th. This is a great opportunity for AP - for both new and old players. Please RSVP on the below event page.

Hi, just wondering if you have a hangout, spiritxy EN.

Tee hee hee. Auckland.
It is both impressive, and sad.

The whole of Hamilton just got smurfed. Tahuna in the east, the airport in the south, and karamu walkway in the west.

Can I still make green fields and links wholely inside a blue field, or do we need to knock over their handywork so I can go back to levelling?

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We are holding our First First Saturday for Hamilton.

This is a chance to meet some of your teammates and your opposition, have a bit of a friendly competition and gain a bunch of AP to help you level.

All are welcome (especially new players) please spread the word and let us know if you're coming :-)

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Time to put those selfies for a good cause!
Our son who also plays ingress suffers from a rare condition called IUGR symmetrical which most cases end in death before the child is born. He is about to turn 6 yrs old on the 22nd May and lives so often at hospital with appointments and admissions. He has already had over 14 surgeries, seizures daily etc. We are trying to put together an album for him of pics of people that are wearing green wigs/beanies etc as thats his favourite colour. That is where you come in – can you send us a pic of you wearing a green wig/beanie/hat etc in support of him?? We are just trying to put a smile on a kids face. He has a google + community page – Mr A's Journey and also one on facebook and your welcome to follow/support him in his medical journey. Not only is it about him but trying to get awareness out there about this condition. Its so rare that sometimes when we go to a & e and they ask for medical history and we say it they ask us to explain it as they havent come across it before.
So ...can you help? We need them by the 20th May please!

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Two badges and Level 12 to boot.

I also noticed that the closer i  got to each medal the longer it took to take it the next step closer.

Now on to LvL 13 1.4 M AP and One Gold, Should take about 30 days.
Level 12
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Hi! I'm spidergirl777 level 7 just moved to Hamilton from Wellington.  My smartphone broke and I need a new one, I'm getting serious withdrawls! But soon my pretties, I will help you to keep Waikato green :-)

Hi Team. Bozblast here. How do I get into the verified Waikato Ingress EN group?

Also how do I sign up for Darsana.....
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