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Hey friends! What features do you want the most? I am looking for feedback. Thanks!
My ideas include:
- Export/import favourites to external storage for improved backup
- OLED super dark theme
- Search nearby stops by by address/postal code
- Find connecting stops for a given stop
- Widget for favourites
- Ability to specify the branches you care about for a favourite.
- <your suggestion>?

What do the colors (red, green, yello) of the predicted time mean?

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Here's a tip when you're running late. Share your ETA using +Transit Now #ttc #runninglate #ttcapps

You can manully sort favourites!

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Transit Now finally live on iOS - Please check out - - It's in beta and we'd like your feedback!

New widget in beta! 

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+Christophe Blythe Hey, we now supported specific branches in the latest beta.

Please let me know your thoughts!

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+Reyati Rehemu Hey, can we talk about your review? Predictions come from so it is out of my control. Can you please reconsider? Thanks!

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+Transit Now supports #Pebble watches in the latest 1.5 update. Let's hope they prosper and release Pebble Time 2 #pebble #fitbit #pt2 Download:

Yo please fix the 41 keel bus route! It does NOT take Tangiers road and all the times are wrong because of the wrong route 
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