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Name: Knight
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Species: Night Fury
Mate: NightShade +Angel Cody
Babies: over hundred in all
Siblings: unknown
Parents: unknown
Island born on: unknown
Speed: unknown
Bio: can't remember his past, all he can remember is crashing landing into a forest and was about to killed by some creatures that lurks the forest but NightShade came and saved him. He's also Secretly a Legendary Night fury but no body knows and Mated with NightShade at least 4 times.
Personality: Hates humans riding him, Likes making new friends and loves Salmon but hates eels
Strength: NightShades Love
Weakness: tries to do things on his own and refuses help
Body Type: Slim and Sexy and his muscles are shown easily

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Hello ! Im new here and because i luv rp and httyd (and obviously dragons) i joined ... Heres well 2 of my main dragons profiles :

Name Night
Age 8
Gender Male
Species Night Fury
Attend the School? Naw
Rider Pets (meh)
Mate Doesnt have one
Crush Never had one
Hatchlings None
Personality Fast , Sneaky , protective
Bio Loves to fly around and protect his brother Greninja. Also has an alpha mode.

Name Greninja
Age 8
Gender Male
Species Sand Wraith
Attend the School? Nope
Rider Pets (again)
Mate None
Crush None
Hatchlings None
Personality Stealthy , Fast , Hates his rival Sceptile (woolly howl)
Bio Also loves to fly around and sneakily go around berk

Here are pics :
14. 1. 2017
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Anyone wanna b Alex's dragon or friend?

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Name Pets
Age 16
Gender Female
Attend the School? Not really , member of edge but helps out in school
Dragon Night , Greninja and lot more
Spouse None ._.
Crush Doesnt want one
Personality Brave , Kind , Energetic , Adventurous
Bio Before student of school of dragons and now member of edge

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Name - Shekai

Nickname - She, Kai

Age - four \ five human years

Gender - female

Mate - none, not looking

Crush - none

Babies - none

Mother - Aknai - missing

Father - Loki - used for hunting other dragons

Sister(s) - Kenai hunter, Sheri deceased

Brother - Kota missing

Tribe - Sempa Tribe - all missing

Rank - daughter of the tribe leader - now a loner

Likes - having fun, joking, fish

Dislikes - eels, humans, show-offs

Bio - when she was a hatchling, her tribe was one of the largest. No one had an alpha mode, but each high rank could control enough "inner energy" to have a glow that gives them a strength boost. Shekai was never able to find it growing up, but everyone else in her family has. When she was three and a half, more than half of her tribe was hunted or left. Her family and tow others were all that remained. Then dragon hunters came and separated them, killing her sister who tried to protect her. Her main weakness is fire to a spot under her left wing and a hardy blow between her shoulder blades. She grew up with a Nadder named Maki 
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Quote: I'll make one up later lol

Name: Alex Stormhart
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Attended to school: yes but skips alot
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Favourite Weapon: double bladed spear with retractable blades
Dragon: open


Adventurous, energetic, Pioneering, courageous
Enthusiastic, confident
Dynamic and Selfless. But can easily be taken advantage of _-_that grammar tho-_ and can seem un emotional and detached_

¤Friends, Family and Enemies¤
Mother Maria Stormhart
Father: Owen Stormhart
Brother (s): -
Sister(s): Lilly Stormhart
Uncle: Daniel Stormhart
Aunt: Kasey Stormhart
Grandparents: Molly Stormhart, Fredrick Stormhart

Friends: open
Close friends: open
Bff: (dragon(open) open to one more

Enemies: open
Nemesis: open

Crush: "I don't have one, and if I did I wouldn't tell you"

_is it okay if I skip this?_

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Name: Andy
Species: Terrible Terror
Age: 6 (human years)
((The blue green one))
Personality: He's a trouble maker to the core. He lives mischief but will be good for the right Viking.
Bio: He lives in the woods with the other terrors and is extra trouble because he wants attention.

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Name: Maiasora Hacksaw
Age: 17 years old.
Gender: Female
Hair: Long and auburn
Skin: black
Personality: kind and gentle but I have a quick temper and I am very easily annoyed.
Strengths: hunting, fishing, music and art.
Weaknesses: my fears and self-doubt

Likes: long walks, days on the beach, running through the forest and practicing my warrior skills.

Dislikes: winter, spiders, venomous creatures and thunderstorms.

My Dragon:

Species: Deadly Nadder
Sex: Female
Color: Purple with pink and blue tinges on her back and wings.
Name: Firestar
Personality: Gentle, Loyal and Brave

Bio: My family are the Hacksaws. My father was an expert bowman. And my mother is good with her hands. Most Vikings use axes, maces, daggers and swords but my family is well known from using bows and arrows.

Dragon History: I met Firestar when I found her injured in the forest. I approached her carefully to let her know I wasn't going to harm her. Once I earned her trust I was able to nurse her back to health and my reward was her friendship.

Other pets: a small brown dog. Her name is Sage.
Weapons: Bow and arrows, sword and a dagger.

Hobbies: collecting dragon scales and teeth. Reading, writing, music and archery. Training Firestar 
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Does every profile have to be httyd related?
Because I have a few ocs that aren't httyd related but are dragons...
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