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Name: Azmodan "Unholy One"

Age: 9,000,150 years old

Gender: Male

Species: Apocalypse Spirit


Tog-Nasik : A long rand chainmail axe.

Fiery Lantern : A overheated fire filed lantern that can spay large amounts of molten lava.


Lava Breath : Fires molten lava from his mouth.

Hounds of Fire : Summons Hell-Hound elementals at the target.

Rebirth : Respawns in a safe location after death.

Cataclysm : An special ability in which he can make an large area a pool of molten rock and sink in almost anything like quicksand.

Personality: Insane and Aggressive.

Bio: An legendary spirit that can only be spawned into the mortal world during the apocalypse or a black-magic ritual.

No one really knows what his backstory is since no one ever survives to speak of it.

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Name: Drakor the Divine Dragon
Age: 10,000,000,000
Gender: Male
Light or Dark: Neither
- Flight
- King of Dragons
- Divine Dragon Cannon
- Divine Dragon Ball
- Ultimate Skill "Divine Dragon Cannon Max"
Limits Of Powers:
- Flight: only outside or in large spaces
- King of Dragons: Dragons. He is the strongest and fiercest of the Dragons and is heralded as their king
- Divine Dragon Cannon: 100 meters infront of his left shoulder cannon looking protution
- Divine Dragon Ball: range = a full city, AOE= 100 meters per ball, shoots multiple balls of energy at a target location causing major damage
Weapons: Claws, tail, Maw, Cannon
Personality: Superior, Arrogant, Stubborn, Angry
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: unknown
Bio: Classified, but it's said once he opens all 7 eyes his full power will awaken
Other info: has 6 wings
Appearance: picture
Eyes: green
Hair color: n/a
Height: unknown
Weight: unknown
Body type: unknown 

(Under Construction @W-)
Light or Dark:Dark

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(Its incomplete but I'll finish it up soon.)
//Profile Template\\
*Name: * Asen Mahawa
Age: 173
Race: Demon
Guardian: (Only if you asked to be one)
Light or Dark: Dark
Demon Form; Asen appears to be mostly human until he unleashes his true appearance. He assumes the form of a demonic figure that is almost covered in sheets of raging flames with hardened flesh and sharpened claws. Sprouting from his lower back are three scaly tails that's proven to be very hard to break as they have spikes going around the tails that'll shred one's body into a lump of meat if wrapped around. In addition, his form grants him extra strength that's above the human standards (x3) and thus increases his weight up to 639 pounds due to his size and mass.

Enhanced Strength; This not only has to do with his race but also due to him doing vigorously train his body to hit harder and be able to lift things most humans won't be able to do by themselves.

Lightning Reflexes; His instincts reacts to danger faster than his mind can comprehend allowing him to evade more quickly but would be prone to a certain extent of consecutive attacks.

Half Demon Form; This form is where his demonic powers begins to reveal themselves. Normally he would sprout his tails or cover a certain part of his body in his demonic armor to block simple swords as both the armor and the tails are difficult to break. The tails are equipped with barb shapes and can pierce through sheets of metal with it to an extent. In other words Asen can equip his hands to have gauntlet like demon claws and/or have his tails come out. His strength and speed increases as well but only at (x2).

Fire Manipulation; Asen has some control over the element of fire as 25% of it he can control it while the rest of 75% he cannot control and thus has his power deemed unstable. What he can control is making gunpowder combust with a spark of ignition causing a weapon or a container to explode. As well as manipulating normal fire to his will which he can easily remove the oxygen around it causing it to die down in seconds depending on how big the flames are. Partial of his powers grants him a good resistance to this element as long as he has his armor on or even better when he assumes to his Full Demon Form. Though in his Demon Form the fire elements won't have much affect on him.
Limits Of Powers:
Asen's power is considered unstable especially when he assumes his forms. In exchange for power, one must give his sanity, or so one says anyway. This is true as when he assumes to his form its generally due to the large amount of rage swelling up inside him. The only form that he can undergo while still conscious is his Half Demon Form. In his full form he practically loses it and tosses aside reasoning. Meaning he reacts on instinct alone. Whoever pushed his mental state into such a point will be his prime target and anyone, be it friend or foe, stands in his way he won't hesitate to remove them even if killing them. Thankfully though in his Human Form he retains only his strength and relexes which means he can't use his powers except for his Fire Manipulation.
Desert Eagle; .50 Cal Handgun, carries 2 of them
Dual Linked Chain Scythes; This type of weapon is thanks to his demonic powers as it reacts to his demon side. Meaning that this weapon is not ordinary. When he doesn't assume any of his Demon Forms it just appears as it is seen in the pic below. But when he assumes his Half Demon Form the weapon reacts to it by making its blades sharper and more durable as well as the chain can extend longer and can shrink the length according to his will.

Flametongue; This sword appears to be a keen longsword with some ancient demonic symbols on one side of the blade. Upon command that knows both this language and what it says, the sword would morph into a demonic sword with an eye that glows brightly red at the hilt as the blade is sheathed in raging flames that'll make cutting through metal and flesh easier as well as capable of igniting flammable materials.
Other info:
Relationship status:
~History With You:
Hair color:
Body type:
Typical clothing:
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Name~ Gold Ackermen
Age~ 20
Bio~ When Gold was born she was an evil baby, she murdered her parents, scratched old people, and did dreadful things to ohters. At the age of 15 Mimi left the orphanage she lived at and became a rich femine girl. She grew to be a demon and is extremey strong she can be nice at times but, she is polite occasionally.
Side~ Neutral (She is a good person at times, and is a bad person at times as well.)
Gender~ Female
Personality~ Cruel, crazy, humurous, sarcastic, mysterious, dangerous, muderous, out-going, pyscho, and attractive.
Likes~ Dark colors, combat boots, capes, bangs, curly hair, rain, the dark, fighting, being alone, the woods, the moon, and her cat Syclone.
Dislikes~ Sun, the light, heat, blabber mouths, wetness
Things to know~ Gold always has her sword on her, during the day she is a heroic, crazy, pyscho killer, during the night she is a fancy spy who oes not care for anything except food.
Appearance~ Below.

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