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Hey guys A friend of mine @heyitschloejade and Her friend @KatelynE_Jones is are creating a book about 5sos we want inspirational messages stories and pictures. you can send them to KatelynE_Jones or CJ (Heyitschloejade) On twitter Or you can comment on here or message me on here and I will be glad to Pass it on to them if you do not use twitter but want to be apart of this book let us know ....they want as many of the 5SOSFAM to be apart of this
I will add the picture with the details and alittle more about it
we would really appreciate you helping in this
thanks loves xxx

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Guys if yall have a twitter Please help get this trending If yall do not have a twitter and have a Instagram then please get it trending on Instagram if yall don't have a Instagram but have Google+ Then please get it trending on here Or on Facebook

5sos have done so much for us over the last 6 years then we can Imagine Its time for us to give back To them
Use the Hashtag On any account yall have and let get this trending for the boys to see


Being 5SØS clothes’ stylist had its ups and downs. You spent all day telling jokes and eating junk food with four dorks who claim to be your best friends. But, obviously, you had lots of work to do (choose outfits, carry merchandise boxes, go to meetings, ...) and your lovely dorks could make it really hard for you.

Y/N: Night Ben!
BEN: Night Y/N! Thank you again for helping us with everything
Y/N: It was nothing. I’m gonna see what my boys are up to.
BEN: Good luck with that. And remember, we want you all in one piece!

You went of laughing to yourself, this was the best job ever. The boys were probably in the back of the bus playing videogames, a smile came to your face.
For your surprise the tour bus was completely silent and the guys were sitting in a circle. There was an empty spot (you guessed it was for you as you weren’t expecting any visits) and what looked like a bottle of…hot sauce?

Y/N: Umm…guys? What the heck is going on?
M: Well, we kind of wanted to play truth or dare…with you…

You were going to say no, but as if they read your mind, they all gave you those damn puppy eyes. With a sigh you plugged in your IPod, putting in your favorite “party playlist”. As “Where Did The Party Go” by FOB came on you sat on the floor.

C: Ok, so this is how it goes. If you choose truth you have to take three shots of this extremely hot sauce buuut if you choose dare you only have to take one.

L: What do you say?
Y/N: That you guys have gone mad but lucky you I was already mad so let’s do this.



This is finally done! I’m so happy 😊 I was going to do this one chapter only but as you guys can see it’s not going to be that way. If you liked it or you have any ideas for future chapters PLEASE tell me in the comments.
+#Heartbroken Fangirl#

Hey guys! If everything goes how it's supposed to go I'll be uploading the first chapter of my first 5SØS fanfiction ever!

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