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عضوة جديدة اكو ترحيب

Wing nsfw requested by: +Shalnark Dabs

•Kiss the hand of his s/o
•Touch their hips playfully under the table
•"Let's practice nen"
•Kiss the back of thir head

•Grabs his s/o's ass, no matter where they are
•Crushes not only rookies

Just wondering- how do we request? (I'm so confused o.o)

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Wow an invite from onii-chan XD
Jk thanks for the invite bro +Shalnark 
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C my onii-chan is the smartest of all...
just like me
wears shades

Where the main four likes to kiss their s/o
Requested by _+Machi​__​_

fsw: Normally, I think he'd kiss your cheek. Like, a quick peck. "Wish me luck, ne, ____-san?"_

nsfw: hips and neck

fsw: He'd kiss your forehead

nsfw: Tiddies ;)

fsw: Your hand, like a prince

nsfw: legs

fsw: on your mouth like, "Don't be so shy about it" he'd still probably blush more than you.

_nsfw: neck~_

Killua and Kurapika by +Illumi Zoldyck​ xD​

Chrollo, Gon, Illumi, Kite and Kurapika's reactions to their lover sleeping next to them being the first thing they see in the morning
Requested by +Smash Chan​

Chrollo: Chrollo smirks and starts playing with your hair until you wake up and then he starts caressing even closer his s/o's body ;)

Kurapika: He blushes and carries them to another bed. They wake up he and smiles when they pout and says they wanna be in his bed.

Kite: Kite doesn't blush but he starts trying to observe his s/o's body without clothes. And if they wake up, they slap him away from looking under their pyjamas.

Gon: Because he's used to wake up early, he does this time as well. He analyzes his s/o's body and pulls the cover a bit and smiles when he sees the love marks he's made.


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