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The September 2017 “Passenger Trains” issue of the YouTube Model Builders eMag is now available! Download your FREE copy here:

Modeling passenger trains is a complex topic and it can quickly become a daunting one. However, that does not keep us from exploring it here at the eMag, for we like challenges. So we have provided in this issue a fractional vignette into the world of modeling passenger trains. I personally love what I call the golden age of train travel—a time period that began in the early 1900s and has slowly faded into recent time. Although, there still are many named passenger trains around the world and in the United States, named passenger trains used to be celebrated by both passengers and railroads, which catered luxury to riders during this golden age of train travel.

We start this issue with an amazing cover (in my humble opinion), which shows a night scene of a Pioneer Zephyr modeled by Bob Buesking on Central Missouri Rail Road Association’s club layout. I think the cover really says it all, don’t you? We then take your imagination back in time with a presentation of advertising postcards and posters of some famous named trains from the past.

In his article “Passenger Service in Illinois,” Tom Klimczak showcases his Blue Island and Western Railway, which depicts the goings-on in and around Rock Island’s Chicago Terminal during what Tom describes as “deepest, darkest” 1974. Harry Haythorn takes us on an amazing ride through his discussion about many of Union Pacific’s named passenger trains. Harry also shows us how he details empty passenger train cars with interior walls, window shades, and figures in his article “Detailing A Passenger Car.”

The Track Planner discusses three design elements that he believes are critical in properly designing a track plan for passenger train operations. In his “UP-HUB” column, Harry gives background about and shows us how to build Union Pacific’s lunch counter “Chuck Wagon” diner cars. In his column “Jack’s Junction” Jack Hykaway provides an overview of the life of Canadian Pacific Railway’s trains 1 and 2 collectively known as The Canadian with its famous Park and Skyline dome cars. The column is complemented with some amazing photographs taken by Jack.

In this issue of the “Community Collage,” we feature a mashup of photographs from several very talented modelers. Please be sure to check it out. Also be sure to check out the YouTube channels listed in the “Pick 3” section.

In the “Food For Thought…” column Blayne Mayfield defines how he sees passenger service, which he argues includes not only the large passenger trains, but also regional and local service, subways, and even modern-day streetcars which are now making a comeback. Blayne also encourages us to take on the challenge of adding some type of passenger service to our venerable layouts so we can get those passengers moving!

We hope you enjoy this small glimpse into modeling passenger trains.

Remember, YouTube Model Builders eMag is a free publication released by model railroaders for model railroaders. It’s completely ad-free and free for you! Also, keep in mind that it is a community publication and that means we want you to send us your articles and pictures so we can help you share your expertise with others in this hobby.

Happy Model Railroading!

JD (Loggin’ Locos)
YouTube Model Builders eMag

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