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<< Rusted Warfare 1.12 - Release Candidate 1 >>

-Mistake causing anti-air turret build times to be short, now back to it's original 1.11 time
-Bug: Mech factory, and other custom units queues were at twice the speed of other units
-More trees added to lots of maps
-Small nerf to Heavy Tank, from 650 to 600 HP
-Lots of bug other fixes

<< Rusted Warfare 1.12 >>

-Large performance boost handling lots of units and large battles. Up to 10x the framerate in some special crazy test cases
-More efficient pathfinding and prioritization of path solving threads
-New mod screen added in settings for viewing, enabling and disabling mods
-Logic bug causing AI to get stronger on very easy & easy settings (I'm so sorry!!)
-Game statistics now show on victory screen
-Fixed crash loading save that had missing modded units that had legs
-Heavy artillery - T2 artillery with limited laser defence
-Heavy Missile Ship - powerful long range
-Missile tank - Better and cheaper at attacking air but can no longer attack ground
-Powerful T3 anti-air sam, and flak anti-air added
-Many old units have been converted into the newer moddable format
-Translation files are now under 'assets/translations' for people to add their own translations. Send them in for official inclusion
-Lots of little details
--Most unit turrets have recoil
--Leaves when trees fall
--Better graphics on lots of projectiles
--Dust on reversing units
--Better water waves on ships
--Bits fly of units when they explode
--Better laser effects
--Nicer render of the map when zoomed out

anyone know how or if you can use custom units/buildings during creation of a map with tiled? might make some missions that directly use popular units...

How can we download mods

Please add big fighter plane

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New update:
New update:
Added in T2 S-1 transport craft
Added air support to the War Ship
Added in a machine gunner for the Infantry
Vulkan Maps included and others too
A huge shoutout to all the modders work which is in here (ES, Uber, RMT, Videogames, SUSHIMAKI, MooTorial, Vulkan) you guys are the best and their mods have been update just slight changes to SUSHIMAKIs Infantry mod
Made lots of change just forgot most lol but keep me posted for bugs and I'll get at them right away
Link in Discord here:

possible bug with editor mode, during another stress test/map test i saved my game (running without any major lag in skirmish mode at normal speed setting) and opened it in editor, here's the bug: if no unit is selected the game slows to a crawl from normal speed, if placing a unit/building with editor the same massive slowdown is noticed, the moment i select a unit/building on the map (regardless of if it's an AI unit or player unit) the speed returns to normal.

this might be a normal feature of the editor mode (aka sandbox) or it may not, either way i'd rather report my findings then not. (better to report a non-bug then to ignore it on the assumption that it's a feature).

Added map editor pls!

Add new building , wall 😁

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Hello, I found a useful thing.
On the video, you will understand everything yourself.
Do you think this is a bug?

So how's the Rusted Warfare community doing? I haven't been checking in for months and months and only did polls every now and then. I'm still awaiting for the Bug faction update! Anyway I hope everyone's having a good day and Luke H congratulations on not making a half-baked game, there isn't many Rts games on Android that are actually good but this is sure as hell good!

Keep up the updates Luke H and I wish you much success now and in the future.
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