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Come join u can be a tamer dats agent or a digidesten

Read My Fan Fic
plz not finished no troll comments

So you ever heard of digimon? I doubt it not many people know about digimon, but much less know the secrets. Digimon are digital monsters

Chapter 1 Derrick
Hey my name is Derrick I’m a sixth grader at Andrew Johnson Middle in Missouri. I’m obsessed with digimon. I’m 5’9, blood type O, anyway. My friends Angel, Billy, Sophia, Sarah, Mila, and I. Had something totally awesome happen to us this is how it went.

I was at the talent show singing my favorite song “Phenomenon by One thousand foot Krutch” when at the end an Xros Loader landed in my hand so I continued singing and as I came to the end I said “you move to this phenomenon” I Held it up high everyone cheered
Chapter 2 Angel
After Derrick’s performance I knew something was wrong. (Opps I forgot to mention my name which is Angel) So we decided to see what he knew.
“Hey D what is that thing” said Paul
“Yeah what is it” I say
Derrick responds “A Xros Loader. Something that crosses over to a world of digimon”
“Is it real?” I said
“Let’s see. Derrick Harris”
It turned crimson
“Hey guys you want to help me hunt digimon”
“Yes” I said enthusiastically the rest all agreed
“Alright. Time Shift”
And then I heard Derrick “You need to just run forward”
Then we were there.

Chapter 3 Paul
There were seven digimon there from what Derrick told us Dracomon, Palmon, Psychemon, Biyomon, Gabumon, Lopmon, and Blackgabumon where their names.
Dracomon jumped into Derrick’s arms and yelled “DERRICK”
Palmon approached Sophia, and Biyomon approached Sarah. There were four shy ones. Angel was staring at Psychemon. Angel ran to psychemon and hugged him. She said “I hadn’t seen you since I was a little baby, so you were a digimon?” Then I looked at the remaining three then I look at Billy, and Mila. I walk towards Gabumon and he hugs me. “I’ve been waiting to meet you since I was hatched”
“Lopmon it’s been years since I saw you at my window” said Mila
“Blackgabumon you saved me when I was dying from blood loss you bandaged it and ran”
“Hey guys we have to get you Xros Loader lets exit the school dig quartz” said Derrick
“Who says we want them we can hunt with no collections, and the digimon will be reborn right?” says Angel
“Wrong they will die forever and never come back and you need Xros loaders to bring your digimon into our world” said Derrick
“Well let’s get ‘dem Xros Loaders” I said

Chapter 4 Sarah
We walk out of the school and notice there is moss everywhere but we shrug it off then we see a huge Grimmon.
“Stay back we got this.” says Derrick
“Hey Derrick you wanna go green or blue?” said Dracomon
“Oh diffidently green.”
Derrick takes his Xros Loader in a vertical line down and he evolves into A Coredramon (Green)

"Hey Guys Stand Back. Draco use G Shurunen II." Derrick touched a spot on Draco's back he looked wild and destructive.I realized how danegourous digimon are. He Destroyed Grimmon without a Scratch.

Chapter 5 Bill

So I am Billy, Angel's Twin (though she won't admit it). So were did Sarah leave you at? Oh she left you at the part were Coredramon deafeated Grimmon. Well This is what happened.

"Hey look there is a man over there." said Mila
"Hello children Here are your six xros loaders."

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Who else would like to see this outside their window?

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tentomon knows all....... or so i heard anyway...

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Ok, who gave Terriermon sugar?!

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