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NLR troopers trot directly into the TE's main base since no hostiles are there to stop them, the NLR Flag is raised in place of the TE's Flag, NLR troopers begin to take the land Sector by Sector

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Name: Princess Twilight Sparkle
Age:17-19 years
Gender: Mare
Race: Alicorn
Likes: magic, reading, technology and  lots more
Bio; I was raised in Canterlot by my parents Twilight StarVelvet And Night Light

I became a student of Princess Celestia studying the power of friendship with help from my friends; Spike, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Rarity

We became the elements of harmony and defeated many foes including; Nightmare Moon, Sombra, Chrysalis and  Discord to name a few

I was at last rewarded for my effort of studying friendship and finding out a new type of magic by being turned into a Alicorn which i have been ever since  

Powers; Magic and Dark Magic

Occupation: Heir to +Queen Twilight Sparkle 's kingdom

finds it here a room that can be never destroyed ever +Renato Canepa 

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Yay for everybody in this community! Everyone is awesome! :-) :-) 
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a small vtol transport lands near the capitol with the NLR insignia on the side and and white stallion walks out Hello i'm a diplomat from the NLR and we are looking for negotiations  to solve a few minor issues. This shouldn't be to hard after all we are allies. he says firmly  as he taps at a small tablet which also bears the NLR insignia (open)

I walk around looking for +Queen Twilight Sparkle 

What happened here?? i say with a curious look on my face

Hello? anypony?
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