For those who are searching for Ancestors in the State of Wisconsin
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kris johnson

Discussion  - 
trying to find info on great grandparents mame & william johns. i cannot find data after 1940

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Bonnie Bolster

Discussion  - 
I do have photos of some graves at Webster Prairie Cemetery on highway 12 in Baraboo, Wisconsin.   I also have information and photos of some of my relatives that lived there. ( New Buffalo now Delton, Baraboo and Reedsburg)  Some of the surnames are Brown, Young, Thompson, Lilly, Huntington , Adams, Craig, Peck, Ainsworth, Woodmansee, Putman.House, and  a few more
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Sharon Ellis

Discussion  - 
Found this from FaceBook. Have lots of information on Fleber, Haudenschild (shield), Timm, Kuehnel and a few others to share for anyone needing some. 
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oops, *Felber
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Tim G

Discussion  - 

Just found this group. Working on the surnames; Gross/Grosz, Kalk, Weisz and Duerrwaecther/Durrwachter and those that married into those family lines. 
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