Hello !
Just bought the Donate Version 5.0 (and even donated 10 more $), to support developments, 'cause I like very much this app !
But, after installing it, I can neither open any existing sqlite DB, nor create a new one, because when trying to choose the target folder, I'm stuck into /storage/emulated/0, with the file chooser showing me only the '..' folder (whereas there are actually many folders inside).
My existing sqlite DB is in /storage/emulated/0/Documents ... but I can't reach it.
What can I do ?
Thanks in advance.
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, Android 6.0.1

Hello !
After playing for 2 days with aSQLiteManager, creating tables and importing data from CSV files, may be renaming the .sqlite file alos ... aSQLManager suddenly start to systematically crash at startup . Even reinstalling, or rebooting didn't fix the issue. No way to get it running more than 1 second : after showing shortly the app. window, it get closed and a white popup says "aSQLiteManager has stopped working. <OK button>" (translated from french).
Is there some special cleaning to do to make it work again ?
Android 6.0.1 on brand new Samsung Galaxy A5 2017.
Thanks in advance.

Version 5.0 of the donate version now on Google Play. I have been rather busy but now I have some time again. Next step i to update the standard version to version 5.0.

Is it possible to link to the XZing barcode scanner to populate a table field with the barcode? XZing can also send the barcode to the clip board, if that is easier to work with.

I can't filter table data. Applying any filter returns no results. What am I doing wrong?

Hola muy buenas, en referencia a la versión 4 8 1 donate, me gustaría saber si es posible modificar la estructura de una tabla, por ejemplo quitar o poner Campos, he creado una tabla pero se me olvidó incluir un campo puedo modificarla o debo crear una nueva. Espero respuesta gracias y un saludo

I've installed the app from F-Droid and love it, but it fails to install on one of my devices. I understand the later versions are not open source any more so I'll hold my donation, but I'm considering buying the app if it will work on that device. Please let me know if this error is fixed in the latest paid version:

04-14 10:12:11.156 E/AndroidRuntime(26555): Process: dk.andsen.asqlitemanager, PID: 26555
04-14 10:12:11.156 E/AndroidRuntime(26555): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{dk.andsen.asqlitemanager/dk.andsen.asqlitemanager.DBViewer}: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'char[] java.lang.String.toCharArray()' on a null object reference
04-14 10:12:11.156 E/AndroidRuntime(26555): at dk.andsen.asqlitemanager.DBViewer.onCreate(Unknown Source)
04-14 10:12:11.156 E/ActivityManager(766): App crashed! Process: dk.andsen.asqlitemanager
04-14 10:12:11.156 W/ActivityManager(766): Force finishing activity dk.andsen.asqlitemanager/.DBViewer
04-14 10:12:11.166 W/ActivityManager(766): Force finishing activity dk.andsen.asqlitemanager/.aSQLiteManager

The app can't edit empty BLOB field (as they are just treated as any other empty fields) but by defining the BLOB field with a default value at X’’ SQLite will see the field as a size 0 BLOB field with no data and you can edit the content of it.

BlobType TEXT)


Hey everyone. I have the donate version running on android 5.1 1. I have been backing up the databases by copying them to my PC ( running Linux). I recently accidentally deleted the databases from my phone. When I copied the files back to my phone and then open it I get the following error. "**.sqlite is not a database" . I created a new one saved it and it opens ok. Does anyone have any ideas?


I like the app. Could someone tell me how to save my queries? I don't need to save the results of the queries, but just the queries themselves. At the moment, if I write something even slightly more complex than "select * from table" it's difficult to reproduce and modify.
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