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Hey guys! Wow so I guess I'm your new Owner!!! That's pretty cool!! Myself and +Amit Sarania are trying to get this up and running again so please be patient for a bit!! I am gonna look over all your claiming options and retell you which one unless you've made a profile and want to continue! Confusing right? Trying to make sence of it myself!! If you have any suggestions please let me know and I am looking for 1 more Mod cause I'm thinking of doing some promoting cause I'm not gonna lie when I say I need help!

+INES S and +ŪRC Śčârÿ bøÿ are gonna be a mod and +Amit Sarania is more then likely gonna be my Co-owner!!! But if you guys can prove yourselves worthy and want to be a mod you can give ideas!!

Thanks guys

Daughter of Apollo

Can I be a satyr, instead of being claimed by a god? Or is that mandatory? (I'm sorry, I'm new, and I needed to ask)

I wish to be claimed by either:
1 Hades
2 apollo
3 Arachne

Can i be claimen by Phonio {god of murder And spirits} i wont make her OP like snapping her finger And somone is dead not in The underworld. Ill make her power spiritual like talking to spirits

Me and the rest of moderators have been thinking of organicing a Capture the Flag game this Friday. I know it´s been a long time since this comunity has organiced a Capture the Flag, but I would like you to tell your opinions about it. I also have to ask you for help, I would love to see your suggestions to make the game funnier and easy to organice. Thank you very much, I will post the rules when they´re decided.

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Open, please ask first, and be detailed please! No text talk either. Will do reposts just ask!))
Luna Daughter of Zeus was walking around camp, with headphones in listen to black veil brides New music since she has yet to catch up since these past ten years she had been in the lotus casino. She was walking around, when you bumped into her, knocking her into the ground. Her first reaction was to yell,

"Watch it!"

She said, her eyes flaring up into an intense blue lightning ((like pic.)) Her hair was Brown with blonde high lights ((pic.)) She was wearing her new clothes from hot topic, as well as makeup. She looked about 14-15, even know She was 24, her body and mind was still 14.
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Name: Leo Valdez
Parent: Hepheastus
Personality: funny and troublemaker
Skills: reparing and building
Powers: flame
Weapons: magic toolbelt
Likes: girls
Dislikes: Gaea and monsters
Fatal flaw: inferiority
Bio: Gaea killed his mom in a workshop and his babysister was the Godess Hera. 

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Name: Leo White
Age: 16
Gender: Male (do u have to ask? Can't you see dude I'm pure male)
Godly parent: Hephaestus
Powers: Fire controlling and a stupid sense of humor (beware of me..! Haha)
Appearance: Look at the pic
Personality: I have a stupid sense of humor I know it and I'm proud of it.
Bio: His mother became addicted to alcohol though she was the best lady in the world... Unlike before Leo spent his time alone after his mother had the "Alcoholic fits" and says that she deserves more however tragedy struck soon and Leo became orphan. He ran away until he found mark the satyr. After that he was escorted to Camp Halfblood 

These are the original rules I only changed one. You may now have up to 3 Characters If You Want Them!

The rules are below, along with a character sheet.
Here are the rules. Three strikes, you're out.
1- You need to have a profile. No more then 3 characters at a time You can kill them off and make a new one
 2- No hentai. Mild swearing is allowed, and so are innuendos. Not too bad though, Keep it PG 13. No REALLY inappropriate words, or anything like that. Also, no bullying.. Cyber bullying is not okay and will not be tolerated. Dating is okay. Being LGBT+ is okay.
3- No god modding or canon characters. (This includes making your sole weakness a piece of firewood. And having shape shifting powers as well as other powers.) If you give a character basically the same powers, godly parent, personality, strength, looks and weaknesses as a canon character, just a different name and age, it is still making the canon character.
4- Stay true to the books. Sorry if you don't get the godly parent you want, but I'm limiting the amount of big three kids, and I would like to encourage that you pick a more minor god or goddess. Otherwise, a cabin will become too crowded, and I will be forced to close that cabin off.
5- Use appropriate grammar (no text talk).
Here is what your profile must consist of. Feel free to copy and paste, filling in the blanks. You may NOT be blessed by any god or goddess besides your parent. You may have three different powers MAX. If you are a Hunter of Artemis, being immortal and good with archery do NOT count as a power. Remember, you may only receive powers from your godly parent.
Godly Parent:
Fatal Flaw:
Optional: A photo of what your demigod looks like and a regular outfit.

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Name: Samantha Brown
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Godly Parent: Athena
Powers: High IQ, Startagey, and immense wisdom. 
Weapon(s): Anything and Everything, but will normally bee seen with her dagger.
Strengths: Strategy
Weaknesses: Her Fatal Flaw & Seeing a spider
Fatal Flaw: Heribous
Likes: Anything nerdy 
Dislikes: Spiders
Appearance: (Pictured) Brown hair with natural gray highlights. Startling gray eyes that make it look like she is thinking bout a million things at once. She is typically seen wearing her fitted CHB shirt, skinny jeans , and her owl sandals. But often you may find her on the beach in one of the two favorite bikinis.
Personality:  She is kind. She is fun loving. If she hinds a guy she likes she will flirt. She is currently single, and has never had a boyfriend. She is hoping that she can get a boyfriend before her 18th birthday.
Bio:  She ran away from an abusive father at age 6 and spent a year wandering around and came across CHB when she was 7. She is very sensitive when it comes to talking about family, so don't even bring up the subject, because she will more than likely kill you.
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