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So now I am announcing the next megacollab
Name:Soul Cannon
Song:Yet to be decided(sonic blaster is a good choice)
Verifier: +[GB] [SD] FoXaN [GD]​ or +WY YouTube
Length: At least 3 minutes
All are participating in this
+Ender [GD]
+Supra DragonMaster
+[GB] [SD] FoXaN [GD]
+GD VeruptioN
+Peter Marshall
+Potato Die
+GD VeruptioN
+FoxFlamer 09
+Ghost Gs
+Geometry Dash Progam3r
+Ck Wai
+Geometry Dash FG28
+TeamQuantum Geometry Dash
+Ender [GD]
+acidbot gaming
Finally the list is done :)

Anyone wanna join my collaboration. If so, message me on gd. My username is Masterfighter. The details of the level will be given to whoever joins.

{Open Collab}
My profile is TyTGPGD, I am new here, and my collab is...
Name: Wechui (I'll get a better one soon unless u guys like it XD)
Song: Skydrive - Lemons
Difficulty: Harder 6* I think
Participants: none yet cuz I just started the collab
Comment if u would like to join!!
Password: 001221
(I don't think I am a good level creator but I am getting better and I think my part so far is... decent)

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Open collab

Level name:
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I'm hosting a creator contest to fill a missing part in our previous level Time Portal since Supra wants his part deleted.
Good design
No cancerous gameplay (maybe a little)
Nice sync
Not over 10000 objects

If you meet the above design, create your part by copying the level from my profile and replace the part.
Remember to indicate your name
And sorry you can't build it in a separate level. It is for time restriction reasons.
The contest will be until 19th of August Saturday
Any late entries will not be accepted.
Please name your level as time portal CC

Thank you
Yours sincerely
+WY YouTube

MY COLLAB IDEA Song - (Song is not on Newgrounds yet :\) Or Jumper - Whirlwind. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ENTER THIS COLLAB JUST COMMENT YOUR USER AND REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN COLLAB: Must know how to use move, alpha and most of the triggers (I know don't worry XD) 2. You're awesome. Wait... what...

Anyone wanna join in my Collab? just tell me :D

ANYBODY GIVE ME SOME LEVELS TO VERIFY!!! Difficulty: From Normal to insane (maybe easy demon if rlly easy)

Can anybody let me join any megacollabs? the previous one i waited for like months for my turn to build but it was cancelled :/

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