I'm having trouble getting the video player to consistently play my video files on my Amazon Firestick. Rarely, it will play the file on the first try. Usually, it would take from 2 to so many tries that I lost count. On numerous occasions I would just give up trying to watch the video out of frustration. I have never had this problem on my other android devices, just on the Firestick. I have tried different settings but nothing seems to help.
I love everything else about this app. It is the greatest digital video information app I have seen.

Since the last update it doesn't update my movies even if I choose add to library the app don't do it, and if I delete the and re download the app show me movies I don't have anymore 

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Cercate un add-on italiano per avere in streaming canali italiani e internazionali? Provate Kodi Live TV (KLTV)!

I'm on Android TV. How to import kodi nfo files in Archos Video Player? Thanks

I installed this app on my Sony Android TV. Love it!
I want to integrate it with my home automation system. Is there a way to get the state of the app and control it via some API? Like knowing if a video is playing or not, or making it pause, etc.
I would really love this kind of feature! Thanks

Archos Video Player on Firestick doesn't play MP4 files on my network. Why?
It says in File info "Did not manage to access the file". What? I just found it by browsing to it.


I have an issue with Archos video player. Since I installed a NetApp FAS, Archos video player when I go to shared folders (SMB).

If I disable CIFS/SMB service on NetApp, no issue, Archos video player list all shared folders (SMB).


Hello Respactable developers of Archos Video Player! Please make possibility to watch movies from cloud services OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox/ It will be wonderful! Thank you!

The app started to malfunction quite a bit lately. For example, it's really, really slow al of a sudden. Also, sometimes the app this shuts down, without remembering where the app stopped working. Sorry for complaining, I really love using the app for watching videos. 

Hi what's happened to the resume function as the latest version does not show it and i have checked and unchecked the option in preferences and it has made no difference at all.
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