Is there another contact email address for the developers of this app? The email address listed in the Play store yields no response.

Hi the player is really slow to launch on the Nvidia Shield TV and slow to respond as well. Any ideas what is causing this and I have uninstalled and reinstalled but hasn't made any difference.

Hi I am using it on Android and its not recognizing any of my shows although they are named correctly. Something wrong with the link I think.

I've been a user for this awesome app for more than a year and until now I did not have issue. But today I had to MKV with 10 audio tracks and the Archos Player only shows the first 6. Is there a way around that?

Please add refresh button

Hi Everyone! any advice how to play movies with EAC3 sound on android TV? I have a Sony Bravia, unfortunately no EAC3 movies are playing properly. I have to use PLEX for those :(

Hi, I'm new to this but how do I use Pip in Nova video player? I have the app installed and the necessary permissions as well yet it doesn't work for some reason, is there a setting I'm missing? Also the app shortcuts also don't work they simply say "error attempting to load app"

Your program frankly put is horrible... When it works it's great but you need to fix it for Android Pie and then stop doing updates that keep screwing the program up I don't know what the issue is with you people but obviously you don't care about people's thoughts I've had enough of this and that is why you losing me as a customer and I will go to MX Player or I will go to several other players I'm an open source programmer and Linux lover but you people make no damn sense

Is it possible to implement Forced Landscape mode only?

1. I will be great if you can make possibility to remember audio delay for each movie.
2. Themes. Dark, Light, Grey, Blue... Or possibility to choose color
3. Possibility to change size of thumbnail - big/medium /small

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