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Lost my workbook - can someone point me to a pdf of the book?

thanks for sharing this. so excited to do all 12 weeks

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This challenge is great for the core, and in particular for surfers wanting to strengthen up. Using the TRX Suspension Training System complete as many continuous 'Surfer Roll-outs' as possible. 
The exercise should be completed as follow:- 

Starting Position: Simply kneel on a mat or floor so that your knees are comfortable. Hold on to the TRX handles with your palms facing your thighs. 

Form: While keeping your abs and core engaged and your arms straight, slowly extend your arms out in front of you. Move as far forwards as you can before you feel your lower back moving out of good alignment and hold at that position for a brief second before returning to the starting position. - See more at:

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To get ripped with TRX HIIT Program.
Choose the Position for your TRX like this, that you can make some exercises directly under the anchor point.
The whole sequence consists of 12 exercises.
Beginner choose 20 sec. Action and 10 sec. Break.
Advanced can start with 30 sec action and 15 sec break.
Do all 12 exercises take a rest for 2 minutes an repeat for two more times.
The exercises look like this.
We start with single handle mode:
1. Pistol squat with crossing lunge right on right leg
2. Scorpion pushup left leg in the handle
3. TRX burpee on right leg
4, 5, 6 repeat with the other leg
7. Go directly under the anchor point, trx pushup to rollout
8. Trx crunch
9 trx pike crunch
10. Like 7 and do a chest fly
11. Trx mountain climber
12. Trx fully shorten and body row

Sie take 2 Minute rest an repeat for two morw times.
With your distance to the anchor point you can adjust the difficulty. During scorpion push up and burpee keep your core tight and avoid to hollow your back.
This is a short but hard workout.
For experts you can set your timer on 40/20
You have to be fast during switching your positions.
Have fun.

I'm starting the program tonight and know I do it four times a week. What's the best way to space them out?

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Today I will post a new hard TRX Suspension / Kettlebell Workout.
A Part of this Workout I took from TRIAS Athletik.
This is a HIIT Workout. Do it as fast you can but take your time to rest inbetween to stay focused on correct performance.

Here we go.
Take a KB you fell safe with.
My weight was 20 KG.
Start with
10 KB Snatch
5 TRX Hinge to Pushup to Rollout
5 TRX Body Row
10 Single Bulgarian Squat with KB Thruster left
Same right
5 Pullup or chin up full length
5 TRX Clock Pushup
10 Handstand TRX Pushup
5 Windmill KB
From now on all exercises youn did 10 you go from 9 ....1 every round one less.
The exercises you did 5 this reps will stay.

Have fun.
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