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We drove all through the night. Cruising the backroads; a car load of slightly toasted twenty-somethings. Those last weeks were truly rather remarkable. It was a freedom unlike any I had ever known. The countdown to the end can really go either way. I think it’s important to remind yourself of the little things – life is in the details. It’s crucial to remember that. We drove through the fog and the weeds, rebelling against the urge to call it a night, and in some ways the five of us will always be right there… holding on to that moment; eternally joined as we fought against time - as we fought against the future.

Corey was a tall drink of water; which seemed to surprise everyone, especially her, considering she had always been the smallest kid growing up. It gave her this underdog spirit, a feistiness that helped maintain a purity and splendor about her. She had a delicate build, a slender frame with gangly arms and huge tits. Doe eyed with a snark to her - she cursed like a Sailor and had an unhealthy dependence on Afrin nasal spray. She was by far my favorite among the group.     

Elizabeth hands down was the prettiest. But, you could see that she was destined to become a larger mammal. It was obvious she would be able to get by on her smile and perfectly round ass well into her late twenties, but we all knew what the writing-on-the-wall foretold regarding her thirties. It seemed as though the harsh facts were evident to her as well; demonstrated by an aggressive pursuit to nab a husband. The hunt for a man virtually consumed her every interaction, and there was something sad in that. I think she truly believed that at twenty-two years old she was already on the precipice of a life being spent alone.

Then there was Kathy Peterson. She was that girl who considered herself just “one of the guys.” Except for her being “one of the guys” really just meant she fucked a lot and wasn’t offended by the occasional racial slur or sexist joke. She was half-Japanese, half-White, and total vixen. We got on pretty well and I wouldn’t outright classify her as tainted, but, she was on the left of damaged.

Of course, the night eventually did come to an end. We made promises as the sun rose paving the way to the future we were trying so hard to avoid; made plans to see each other, to keep in contact; the words flowed as easily as the tears. It was the last time that I ever saw them, that morning I left my childhood behind me for good.

Some of the more astute readers will notice that I initially made reference to five people fighting against the impending passage of time, and only chronicled three. Well, the fourth went on to become my wife, and it took much longer than a single night to be free of that bitch.

I learned to surf (and make banana pancakes) in Bali. I discovered how to dream in San Francisco and Boston taught me heartache. My closest friends showed me what family is but it was music that kept me company when I found myself alone. Ellen taught me how to write although Bushmills taught me about pain. My grandmother educated me about finance, one roll of pennies at a time. Peru opened my eyes while Florence opened my heart. Brazil was spontaneous whereas Mexico City took its bittersweet time. The trade winds of the South Pacific ushered in both my best and worst days. My father taught me about life, my mother - death. My childhood can be seen in the soft outlines of crushed grass; the silhouettes of a night together on the front lawn; kissing and fumbling our way towards maturity. In adolescence we were the perfect song for a blue guitar. Now, we’re merely the echo heard on dust radio.      

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This is the project that led me to take a closer look at doing something with video. Ultimately, it led me to vlogging, which surprisingly has been really fun!

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A photo I snapped while visiting the Regional Institute for Active Learning (RIA) in Bahrain.
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