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Welcome to the Furry Roleplay. Please share, and invite your friends. I'll add more rules if I have to. Please first check in with a profile. If you want to be moderator give me a few reasons why. I might even go as far to add another owner. Please follow all the rules and have fun! 

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This is a Human don't hate me
Name: Max
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Likes: Furry girls, Video Games, and Movies
Dislikes: Furries who disrespect humans
Bio: He's currently the last human alive in a furry dominated world so he can't get a job and doesn't have a home

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Name: Dr. Zaius
Age: 29
Gender: male
Species: dog
Sexuality: straight
Likes: science, experiments, and his work
Dislikes: humans and his research being destroyed
Bio: Zaius has a degree in scientific studies and has devoted his life to study the long extinct human species. However Max the final human has escaped his clutches and is on the loose

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I like this comunity^-^

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Name: Rick Fangs
Age: 21
Gender: male
Species: Wolf
Motto: like my Dad said...I don't know, something about good intentions make you the best...or something like that
Bio: Rick was known as a womanizer, rumored to make a lesbian into at least a bisexual, those rumors, are kinda bent, he's actually shy
Mate: none
Sexualality: straight
Likes: Cute girls, Guns, Friends, dominant/seductive girls
Dislikes: bullies
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