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Day 2: Shizumasa Togu (Spoiler Alert!!!)
Shizumasa is the reason why Haine changed back from her ways of a yanki. The Shizumasa in Haine's memory is very kind and gentle, telling her to live the life she wants. He is later discovered to have the disease leukemia and receives a bone marrow transplant from his older twin brother, Takanari Togu. He planned on dying and letting Takanari have Haine, but after receiving the transplant, he changes his mind and decides to battle his brother for Haine's affections.
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Day 1: Haine Otomiya
Haine is the main character/heroine of the series, who was sold to the Otomiya family from the Kamiya family for a business loan of 50 million yen. Going through these hard times, Haine decided to become a yanki and join a gang. But even though this was a bad choice, she met her best friend Ushio Amamiya through them. Then Haine quit her gang to go to the Imperial Academy where her love and savior, the emperor "Shizumasa" was. She wanted to be in the light with them. Despite this, until very late into the series, Haine can't smile from the bottom of her heart. Although Haine isn't the smartest, just being that way makes her the driving force of the Student Council.
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