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{{Name:}} Kingdom of Serbia

{{Civilians:}} 100,000,000

{{Life expectancy:}} Males: 83 years. Females: 89 years

{{Total Vehicles:}} 1,200

{{Aircraft:}} 34

{{Live mounts:}} 500,000

{{Light artillery:}} 1,000 Einfield Guns

{{Heavy artillery:}} 1,000 21cm Morser 16 Guns

{{Language:}} Serbian

{{State Religion:}} Orthodox Christianity


Diplomatic stand point:

{{Allies:}} None

{{Enemies:}} None

{{Government type:}} Kingdom

{{Territory:}} Serbia and Montenegro

{{President:}} Nicholas 1 of Montenegro


{{Economy:}} Excellent

{{Currency:}} Serbian Zloty

{{Funds:}} $20 billion

{{Annual Income:}} $30 million


{{Active Personal:}}
Army: 1,000,000
Navy Ships: 114 Ships
Gunboat: 17 (Kebab remover class)
Frigate: 18 (Rusijia class)
Covette: 11 (Sarajevo class)
Cruiser: 20 (Hamburg class)
Battleship: 15 (Boston class)
Light Cruiser: 10 (Glasgow class)
Torpedo Boat: 13 (Bordeaux class)
Destroyer: 10 (Dubrovnik)

{{Marines}} 500,000

{{Reserve Personnel:}}
Army: 2,000,000
Marines: 300,000

{{Faction Bio:}}
after gaining independence from the Ottoman Empire, the Kingdom of Serbia began to rebuild after the Balkan war
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412,000 Confederate troops have shipped out to France, to join the coalition troops. Eta: 1 day.

Of the 415,000 soldiers recruited for military service. 414,000 have completed their basic training. 412,000 Confederate troops will be shipped to France immediately. 2,000 men have been allotted to the T.G to maintain the peace in Confederate territories overseas.

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3,000 Confederate troops under Brig Gen. Irving C Harland have confiscated Imperial Germany's territory in China.

*The Confederate recruiting campaigns were able to net around 412,000 new recruits. Though less than expected these new tecruits will be undergo extensive nine weeks of training and eventually shipped out to France.

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The Confederate Army has engaged a massive recruiting campaign for 415,000 soldiers.
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