To come of the beginning you will have to publish allloud that to be of your Beginning is becoming to let ones know of what is becoming is to become of self recognition to recognize is to show why u know again, to be becoming isn't to come up but to come up with the question of being as fictions neutral areas in every red zone there is neutral ground

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Don't waist water not even on the ground we are here to repopulate so we infect when not being vast in loving our purities

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Things might accellerate with gratitude when you turn around think of being at a space blast off and think about where they are going to keep in mind speed is still neutral to the fact of slow motion...the things that are sure are the density of gravity and matter actually matter is the only neutral type of certainty it isn't impossible to tell Time so to tell the future is to do it together ads future is to plan it you wouldn't think of things to hurt yourself you might have seen a over radical cartoon things that become improbable have a twilight to be indistructable undeniably things are such so as often as they repeat matter like we all shall thereoff. There are plenty mire girlfriends for me this might shock you but the question is that if two trains are going at the right speed witch one is more to believe to be going with acceleration at the potential of God. ... don't let this world stop u simply the world had to have been undeniably huge determining all if70percent is water water and even matter itself is broken down matter a dinosaur has to be what mythical giants of the beginning when the world was one think to ownly become of a subject to your self wouldn't you would have been the size of the world we have now, being to yourself or minute red,forgetfulness is things householder conceive how would you forget you magical power? God would nit degrade you so it d oesent mean. Dreaming is irrational we maybe I'm thinking would have to only find our life's advancement- as fir in living forever­čĺÄ we have balance not noticed no matter how far we go to forgive is to. Give an internal. Thought to show forgiveness. ...


Hold it everything is alright we can be together


Amazing I duff...

Some things just matter outside of there equivalents

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As long as I lived as far as I can think and conceive is as far as I think a dream can take you as if it is not to use it but just do things in memory of

Head strength and arm length makes a obtuse c shape

Dashing as the news paper flows through the big city may more than what are inside the ally ways are more then that on the sewers don't churn think I love u? ´┐ŽIle not being in love as a. Fool why are you ad in to what I have mentioned every time I say I love u u want another answer but I say this is my night aid like I am gargoyles please but to say as in u must bc I have seen soauls forgotten I don't think you should leave my sight as glimmering as u want to be~ ~
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