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We recently started a Dungeons and Dragons pirate campaign in the Moonshae Isles (which has been very entertaining). This campaign inspired me and my brothers to create a versatile ship for our entertainment and we thought... why not see if we can make this available for ALL Tabletop players to enjoy?!

Introducing our newly launched kickstarter at:
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I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #55, including every tabletop project started between 10.09 till 10.19.).

You’ll find a few foreign language projects. The Sprawl is translated to German as Der Sprawl. Tales of the Loop will be translated to French and The Dark Eye will get a Dutch translation as Het Oog des Meesters. If you are curious about The Dark Eye and LARP, a crowdfunding for the (German) LARP rules for The Dark Eye is on its way.
Though, as to get to the meat. I got enamored by CATaclysm. A game in which you play anthropomorphic cats, with a setting that does invoke memories of Nausicaä … that’s at least for me. Yet I do feel tempted by Jim Pintos Praxis: Black Monk game as well. I’ve read one of the Praxis games and it’s a really interesting concept.
Then it’s October again and Halloween is encroaching. Thus there are several games placed in the horror genre: Don’t Look Back (Urban Horror), Aliens & Astroids (SF Horror) and B-Horror (well d’uh). Next to those, The Road to Bethlehem is a tabletop rpg / boardgame that caught my interest. It is the first game focused on religion, Christianity to be specific, to actually look competent and fun.
There are of course more games. Like the D20 / D30 RPG & DCC Dice Chain Sets set, which convinced me by presenting beautiful and strange dice. I am as well still considering getting the Wee Beasties kids book, as it looks really, really cute.
Though there are plenty more cool projects, just take a look:

English Crowdfundings

2 Role-Playing Games
2 Fantasy Role-Playing Games
3 Horror Role-Playing Games
2 Story Games (GM-less)
3 RPG-like games
1 Supplement
2 Settings
2 Savage Worlds Settings
4 Adventures
4 Dice & Coins
3 RPG Accessories & Aides
2 Containers
2 RPG Novels
2 RPG Series
4 Various RPG Projects
5 Terrains & Miniatures

German Crowdfundings

1 Role-Playing Game
1 LARP Corebook
1 Container

Dutch Crowdfundings

1 Role-Playing Game

French Crowdfundings

1 Role-Playing Game


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Era: The Consortium seems to be a very cool project for everyone who likes Sci-Fi. The system seems solid, and the offered expansions seem to be very cool. I am intrigued. Take a look, maybe you like it, too.

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I've got a d100 random table of post-apocalyptic artifacts to help promote my KS Gamma Turquoise: Santa Fe Starport:

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"And so it begins:" The Seven Worlds Kickstarter is now live! Don't pass this opportunity to support a unique hard science-fiction game for Savage Worlds, with award-winning scientific detail, new rules for space combat, a campaign that according to reviewers "could make for a great TV series", 3-D starmaps for PCs and tablets, and much more!

(In case you're wondering where the "And so it begins" quote comes from: It comes from this guy: If you know who he is, then you probably have an idea what Seven Worlds is all about :) )

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CCS games launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their first setting book for Savage Worlds entitled, The Monster Hunters’ Club. The Monster Hunters' Club is a setting for the Savage Worlds RPG about kids coming of age and fighting monsters in the 1980's.

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Now Launching the newest Kickstarter for magical terrain that snaps together! Including early backer specials!

#Dnd #Terrain #RPG

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Today is our last day so please help us make this final push to Metahumans Rising.
Today is the final full day of the Metahumans Rising Kickstarer. We're putting the call out. If this is something you've been considering it's time to join us. Help bring Metahumans Rising to life.

#RPG #Superheroes #Kickstarter
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