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Some of my baked goods I've made in 2017.
I call this my monkey swirl cakes.
It is made with vanilla batter,and Hershey chocolate for the swirls on top.I prefer to put the chocolate on top before placing and baking in the oven.
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Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!!
Just finishing up my deserts I made for Christmas tomorrow.One is a cherry cheesecake the other is a marshmallow lemon-lime cream pie.
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Happy Holloween!!!
Here is my Pumpkin spice cake I made....This is a semi homemade receipe that can zazzle up the original & make it festive for Fall....

Here is the what you need to do:
Buy a store bought yellow cake mix
Buy if you don't already have a can of pumpkin.
Buy if you don't already have grounded pumpkin spice & cinnamon.
Buy if don't already have Hershey syrup.
Buy if don't already have almond milk or any milk of your choice.

How to put together:
Place dry ingredients which would be your cake mix into a large bowl
Put 2 teaspoons of pumpkin spice in the bowl containing your dry ingredients
Put a teaspoon of cinnamon in your dry ingredients
Put 3 eggs in dry ingredients if dry ingredients look really course & not fine/thin than instead off adding your 3rd egg you can add a large teaspoon of any regular mayo which would be equivalent to one egg
Put a cup of water which will be a small coffee cup size
Put a 1 half cup of oil which would be what I like to call a half of a teacup
Then add in two large teaspoons of pumpkin
Then stir all ingredients together dry and wet
Stir tell the consistency is thick but smoothe
Turn oven to pre heat at 350 degrees
Oil 2 medium side pans or 1 large pan
Fill pans up with batter
Bake for about 20 minutes(I can usually tell when I can smell all the ingredients through the house)But you can always wait tell batter is brown & has risen to place a tooth pick or fork to see if done.Make sure the toothpick or fork comes out clean.

Now for the topping:
Put milk into a half of a small coffee drinking cup
Put into a small sauce pan
Bring milk to a boil
Pour or squeeze a small tea cup full of Hershey syrup
Stir milk & syrup tell slightly thickens (if you want a thicker consistency stir longer on low heat in tell you find it is thickened to your likeness)
Turn burner off & let set for 5-10 mins.
Let cake cool in cake pans
Place lake in plate or cake holder
Then take your chocolate sauce with a spoon & work your way putting it on top of you cake

Your cake is now ready to eat now or later!
This cake is a great Fall bake!


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My Asian inspired coleslaw....
Great transition food from Summer to Fall....

Shredded cabbage
Mandarin Oranges

Place shredded cabbage in the bowl
Place half of can or two whole mandarin oranges in the cabbage and stir
Put 2 teaspoons of sugar disperse it evenly over the cabbage in the bowl
Place 3 teaspoons of honey evenly over the shredded cabbage in the bowl
Stir in 2-3 teaspoons of manasse into bowl and mix all ingredients together
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Here's my Tacos & Burritos that I made during last week....


What you will need:
Hamburger meat or your choice of chicken, pork or fish or lamb etc.
Boiled pinto beans or canned refried beans
Seasonings: chili's or chili flakes, chili powder, paprika,black pepper, & salt
Corn tortilla & flour torrtilla
Shredded cheese

What utensils you will need:
Fry pan
Olive oil
If making refried bean homemade you will need need a big boiling or crock pot

How to make:
Oil fry pan
Warm pan on medium
Put hamburger meat in pan
Break down meat with spatula
Season with chopped chilli or chili flakes,chili powder,paprika,black pepper,and salt
Cook tell meat is brown and no longer red
Place cooked meat in bowl and allow to sit

Homemade refried beans
Soak pinto beans over night in cold water & salt
Put pinto beans in a crock pot and cook on low all day
Add seasonings like chili chopped or chili flakes or paprika,black pepper,& salt to boiling beans
After beans are thru cooking all day on low
Drain beans thru a strainer
Oil a fry pan
Put beans in fry pan turn on low to medium heat and smash with a flat spatula
Put in bowl ready to serve

Tomato into small pieces
Onions into small pieces
Avocado into slices or small pieces
Cabbage into shreds
If you can it is easier to have everything chopped before hand.It saves time.

Corn torrtilla
Oil pan
fry tortilla on both sides

Flour tortilla
Dry pan
Heat on both sides tell warm

Build your toco & burrito
Start with beans
Then meat
Shredded cheese

Happy eats...


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My Homemade Meat Loaf Recipe.

What you will need:
1 pound of ground hamburger meat
1 pound of ground pork meat.
Oregano fresh or in spice container
Parsley fresh or in spice container
Dill fresh or in spice container
Chili's chopped or chili flakes
3 garlic cloves flesh or 3 teaspoons of garlic in spice container
1 half of yellow bell pepper
1 half of green bell pepper
1 half of medium onion
1 cup or small bowl of tomato basil wheat thins
1 tea cup of water
1 half tea cup of tomato sauce canned or jarred
1 teaspoons of sugar
2 teaspoons of maple surrup
Olive oil to grease baking pan

How to put together:
Combine your hamburger meat & pork meat in a bowl
Add your seasons to your meat in bowl
Add yellow & green bell pepper in bowl
Add onion in bowl
Add garlic
Smash you cup or bowl of tomato basil crackers with fork or hands
Add crackers to bowl
Add tea cup of water to the bowl
Mix with hands all the ingredients in bowl together
Mix tell everything in bowl in combined
Then roll back and forth ingredients in bowl tell firm
Then shape into rectangular shape & pat
Mix 1 half of a tea cup with tomato sauce
Mix 1 teaspoon of sugar in tea cup
Mix 2 teaspoons of maple syrup
Mix all ingredients together in cup
Stir tell feels lightly thickened
Take your rectangular meatloaf out of your bowl & place into olive oil baking pan
Then one meat is placed in pan pretty heat oven to 350
Then take your sauce in your tea cup & pour over meat tell top of meat is totally covered in sauce
Allow sauce to sit on meat in tell over is has pre-heated for about 15 minutes
Then place meat in oven
Bake for 1 hour & 15 minutes
Take your meat loaf out and serve with homemade garlic mash potatoes or vegetables of your choice
Yum Yum

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Here is some more of the cake I posted a couple days ago....This is how It looks on the inside,and sliced....
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Cake I frosted tonight for tomorrow evening get together....
This is a plain chocolate with walnuts baked into two top layers....
This is a simple way to create something when you don't have a lot of time....

Store bought chocolate cake mix
Store bought baking walnuts
Store bought white frosting

Fill two round or square baking pans half way up with cake mix

Pre heat oven
Bake at 350
Bake tell toothpick or fork runs clean when placed gently in cake

Start with the bottom 1st layer and frost completely from top to sides
Place top layer over bottom then frost top thinly and evenly
Then start with the sides all around cake with a thin layer evenly
Then work back up to the top with frosting putting a extra layer smoothly
From the extra frosting from the top layer move down with you utensil and layer the sides allowing you to cover up the places still showing cake.
With the last bit of frosting left use your cake utensil to make frills or ripples
Twist your knife around and upward to make frills/ripples
Do this all over cake in tell cake looks good

Refrigerate or set out to harden and bona petite♡ You are now ready to eat♡


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Hello everyone I thought I would share a little cool me down treat for this crazy heat....
I made Lemonade Limeade Popsicles...

How I made these:

One lemon cut in half & squeezed
One lime cut in half squeezed
Two teaspoons of dry powdered lemon or powdered lemonade.
Three teaspoons of Super or Sweat in low.
One large cup full of sparkling water or regular water.
Put all ingredients in a cup stir together
Fill popsicle containers up to top & freeze
And you have Lemonade Limeade Popsicles
Ps they taste better than the store bought ones☆☆☆☆
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