[M] - Teal Lassiter - LG - 17 - Pistol and metal Claws - Short, dark black hair. Thoughtful blue eyes. Broad, clever smile. (Native to Vale)

- Clever, Kind, Funny (Self-proclaimed pun master), Outgoing, Insensitive

Team Role: Support/CC

- Does well with strategy.

- Has an odd comment, joke, or one-liner for nearly any occasion

- Master of Dust usage. When paired with his claws, which can be turned into projectiles, it can provide great maneuverability and advantage in combat.
((The claws are named "Knife to see you", or Ktsy, (Cutsee, sometimes cutscene) for short.))

- Gun (Named Troll) can transform into a large survival knife.

Combat Weakness: Long range

- Known to play jokes on teammates. Partially to keep them humble, partially to make them laugh, partially to make himself laugh, and partially because he would get bored otherwise.

- Trying to make his paralyzed father proud of him, in addition to trying to preserve what world he can for his younger sister. (Great with young children)

Aura: Sky Blue.

Semblance: Teleportation to a spot within line of sight, limited to a maximum of 90 total feet per day, requires four seconds to charge (originally was ten). Can sometimes take a person with him, though doing so is often painful.

Color scheme: Blue, white, brown

- Loves hats. Generally wears a dress shirt (sleeves rolled up), vest, and loose tie (Usually odd colors or designs). Hates suit jackets.

This community is dead. Let's bring it back to life!

What does it mean post FoB and pre FoB??

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A picture of Team CCCSH.
If you have anything you want changed about your character, just let me know. I improvised a few things because I wasn't sure how y'all wanted it.

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Name: Celeste Myran
Age: fifteen, sixteen
Gender: Female
Kingdom: Vale
Personality: Sweet, kind, Wise, strong, Loving, gentle, but harsh when fighting
Main color: Whiteish blue
Allegiance: Not sure
Weapon: her wings, it is equipped with four layers of feathers that detach and become knifes, she can control them with her gloves, her wings allow flight for short periods and also can compact and become light weight.
Semblance: Heavenly light, when her mind is clear she can cause a bright light that momentarily blinds her enemies and also allows her speed for a few seconds
School: Beacon
Apperance: Blondeish white hair, a blue skirt that goes to knees with black leggings that go to her knees, she wears a brown jacket and has a white shirt on. Hair is usually in ponytail or down
Family: Unknown
Friends: unknown
Backstory: tbrped
Time: whenever we need her
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Closed RP with +Caitlynn Hendricks +ShiAlyna Cookie +Jessica Kruger and +Kelly Lundgren
Set after the FoB
Story is that Our teammates were killed (some of us are from other schools) so we had to join together as a team. We are now on our way to Haven academy, and those from other schools have to figure out what to do when we get there.
Things to keep in mind:
1. Team Names: Our letters are C,C,C, and H. This is gonna be hard XD
2. I think we'll just kinda go in order of whoever comments next for the first four. Ill be first, then whoever is next.
k lets go

Collin trudged through the thicket, slicing vines and vegetation aside for his team to follow through. They were back behind a little ways. Collin knew Celeste and Steel, who had also attended Beacon with him, but he wasn't sure how much he trusted the other two. They were certainly his allies, but they hadn't been together long enough to be friends. It was a little hard to go on. All of his past teammates and family members were gone. Slain by grimm in the attack a month prior. He sighed and held back tears as he chopped. Then a growling came from up ahead. Collin stopped and bristled as loud stomping noise. Suddenly, a pack of Beowulf charged through the forest towards them.

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Name: Henna Rossi

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Kingdom of Origin: Vacuo

Personality: A hotheaded, aggressive exterior that hides a fearful, tender interior

Main Color/Scheme: Burnt red, bronze, and a bright blue

Allegiances: Herself

Weapon Details: (weapon name here) is able to transform into a bow for long-distance fights, and a double-bladed axe for closer ranged combat. Her arrows have a small compartment for various dust types that she'll use for different scenarios, different colored fletching tells her the type of dust stored in the arrow- these she keeps in a quiver on her back.

Semblance Details: Essentially, Henna is able to transition her energy into force fields

School: Shade Academy

General Description and Clothing: Average height, large bright blue eyes and medium length dark auburn hair. Henna usually wears a loose white shirt, dark brown jacket and pants with boots. Always wears a bronze necklace and occasionally white earrings (the only jewelry she'll ever wear)

Family: Honey (Mother- Deceased), Clay (Father- Missing), Umber (Older Brother- Deceased)

Friends: Who?

Enemies: Anyone who stands in her way

Backstory: A lot of it is a blur to her, most of what she remembers is instinctive emotions, occasionally a scent, and a few words. Personal goal to regain her memory and recover her past.
Attended and fought in the Vytal Festival with her teammates Hickory, Teal, and Rouge (Team HTHR- Heather) and chose to fight alongside the students of Beacon Academy when the school was under attack. Sadly, she lost her teammates in the battle, and became stranded in Vale.

Time Period: Post FoB

Subject to change as her character progresses
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I'm going to do a rp set after FoB, where the team is on the way to Haven. I need three teammates. Who wants to join? I'll be using Collin Mars. Should we make a hangouts chat, or use the post?

Name: Chinook
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Faunus (white and grey rabbit - ears and tail)
Kingdom of Origin: Mistral
Main Color/Scheme: White and airy
Allegiances: Her friends, Beacon, Mistral
Personality: A little bit of a diva, she is light and bubbly. She finds fun in being a touch over dramatic and sarcastic. She is quiet but friendly around strangers but spontaneous and a little verbose around close friends. Upon first meeting her, one may feel she can stuck up, but once they get to know her, they learn that she uses such actions as a method to prevent her past from repeating.
Weapon Details: Lightning rod that transforms into Shock Rifle
Semblance Details: Air bending
School: Beacon
General Description and Clothing: She is a little smaller then others and her ears are shorter than other rabbit faunus. She has pale skin and one light blue eye and one light brown eye. She has fish-shaped circles around her eyes. Her ears are white and her tail is white and grey. Her hair is short and white with two grey streaks. A pink and yellow bow is tied at the base of her left ear. She wears a sky blue crop-top with a long, white jacket that reaches her ankles. The lower half of said jacket has grey patches loosely resembling an inukshuk and clouds. She wears grey capris and white boots.
Family/Friends: Her team mates
Enemies: Her ex-best friend
Backstory: Her small stature and short ears lead to some teasing. She countered this with her upbeat personality. Her best friend betrayed her, so now she is very cautious about letting people get too close. Her family was middle class and her parents wanted a safer place to raise a family so they moved to Beacon.
Time Period: Post FoB

Artwork Pending

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Name: Collin Mars
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Kingdom of Origin: Vale
Personality: Quiet but funny, well liked
Main Color/Scheme: Blue, maroon, grey
Allegiances: His team
Weapon Details: a sword (with metal sheath) that turns into a glider.
Semblance Details: Time Distortion. When he touches something or someone, they will vanish for a period of time (usually a minute but longer if he exerts himself) before appearing in the same spot.
School: Beacon
General Description and clothing: brown hair blue eyes tan skin, brown jacket, blue and red airtight suit.
Family: killed in attack on beacon
Friends: his team
Enemies: the white fang, cinders faction
Backstory: he was attending school in beacon when the attack happened. His family was killed in the attack, now his team is traveling to haven.
Time Period (Pre/Post FoB): Post fob
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