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Name: Meremoth 
Age: 18
Gender: male 
Class you will teach: How make bombs ((Class Room A))
Bio: My name means death and i love candy red apples

Meremoth tweaks a screw on a sphere, soon screwing it back into place This should be interesting...........

Bluebell reloads a gun Today, class, we will learn how to use guns in the dark

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Name: Clare

Age: 13

Gender: Male

What type of gun do you want to learn about: i would love to learn how to make plane engines

Skills: Fixing car and truck engines

Personality: quiet

Likes: music

Bio: I learned how to change the oil in a car when i was 6. Clare is short for Clarence, but just call me Clare. I like ice cream and rock bands. Any type of rock is good for me

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Name:  Bluebell

Age: 19 

Gender: Female 

Class you will teach: how to shoot military guns

Bio: My eyes are the same color of a Bluebell flower so that is why my name is Bluebell. I love military guns, they are the best type around! I just turned 19 like.....a day ago and this is my first time teaching. I tend to go on spy mission.......some times......tend.......

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Name:Meana Strider Pie
What type of gun do you want to learn about: All Types
Bio:whenever i was foing somewhere in my home town id hade to have some troll come with me so i would be able to go to one place with our getting hurt
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Name: Hachett

Age: 22

Gender: female 

Class you will teach: how to fix a plane engine

Skills: engines of any kind

Personality: happy, silly and clumbsy

Likes: Pocky sticks, potatoes and All-star/ Converse

Bio: She build her first engine when she was 10 from old car parts
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