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Gonna Update the Profile Guide! Note, any Profiles before this was made don't have to update, unless you want to.

Time Lord/Lady Guide
Note-If your Timelord is on any regeneration that is not their first, include short bits on their personality. Also the whole make a new post when your Time Lord regenerates part, you still do that, but don't have to include previous lives if the previous one already talked about them, or if its the first life.

(NOTE: When it comes to "Past Appearance and Past Personality" You don't have to describe if

1. You plan on adding one of the past regeneration as its own profile.

2. You plan on having a post with a bunch of pictures, and state which ones are which life, along with each personality

Alias: "The Something"


Current Gender:

Past Genders: (If any past Regenerations changed gender.)

Regenerations Left:

Current Appearance:

Past Appearances: (If on any regeneration past 1)

Status/Job on Gallifrey: (If you don't want to stay on Gallifrey, put Renegade here please)

Current Personality:

Past Personality: (If on any Regeneration past 1)

Items: (If they have any. If they do, include some light Descriptions of items.)

TARDIS Type # And if TARDIS is stuck in one Disguise:

Companion: (Optional):


Any Species not a Timelord Profile. (Include Time Lord Hybrids)








(You can add anything to these if need be, if you feel likes its important.)

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"At the age of 8 years, as many other Time Lords and Ladys have before me, and I gazed into the Untempered Schism. I was not inspired. I was not scared. I did not go mad. When I looked into it, I heard...singing. So many voices entered my head and sung to me. It took me hundreds of years before I realized what it was...TARDIS'. It sounds strange, doesn't it? Why would these..supposed machines sing to a child. Sure everyone knew that had a form of a consciousness, but I strived to know more. Its why I went on to create them myself, to learn and experience them...and I truly did. Every TARDIS is different, even if they are the same Type Number, they are all different, much like Humans or Gallifreyans. They sing such wondrous songs"

Name: Upsilon

Alias: The Architect

Age: 6310

Current Gender: Male

Regenerations left: 10

Status: Renegade

Current Personality: Boisterous, imposing, softy.

Items: Sonic Screwdriver- Multitool. Timelord Equivalent to a Swiss Army Knife. Timelord Box- Bigger on the Inside, holds multiple tools if Sonic is not enough. TARDIS Coral- Secret. Grown larger since his second life.

TARDIS Type: #35

Stuck as: Shed

Companion: ???

(Note: 3rd Architect has not yet happened. Will update Bio once he has.)

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update time

Name: Mari Clark

Species: human

Age: 19

Gender: female

What she used to be before meeting a Time Lord: waitress, forensic technology student at uni

Personality: Mari is inquisitive and sharp witted, with a dark sense of humor and genius intellect. She has a love for technology and tinkering; in fact, she's capable of fixing most things, even the Watcher's TARDIS, and hacking into some of the most secure systems.

When she was fifteen, her father was found murdered in a hotel room, but the killer was never caught. This sparked her interest in crime and forensic investigation. She poured herself into the work of completing secondary school, graduating at seventeen and immediately applying to a forensic tech class at the local university. Her obsession grew to the point of her friends leaving her and sending her into depression. Now, all she does is study and wait for something interesting to happen in her life.

Halfway through her third year at university, the Watcher stepped out of her broom closet. She quickly stole his TARDIS - with him inside - in an attempt to solve her father's death, though the Watcher talked her out of trying to alter the timeline. Later, they traveled to a parallel Earth that had been overrun by Cybermen. After hacking the mainframe, the pair found themselves surrounded and Mari - unwilling to lose her new friend - was shot. The Watcher helped her into the TARDIS and nursed her back to health.

Animated Photo
Animated Photo
Animated Photo
3 Photos - View album

Note about Time War.

The Time War is Time Locked, the ability to come here is nigh impossible, it must be INCREDIBLY powerful, such as the moment, 12 TARDIS's, over 400 years of calculations, or anything similar. Just an FYI!

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"Rassilon? That man is a fool. He may have helped Gallifrey get to where it is today, but we should have never brought him back..he's a madman. Its said that he brought our ability of regeneration, but we have always had it, as he regenerated long before he had it written that he made us like that. Not only is it told in his Black Scrolls, ones that President Borusa didn't find, I know for a fact much of what hes said is false. I am glad The Doctor got rid of him, and I was then put in charge. But he did come back ,and tried to take back Gallifrey. But I couldn't let someone like him back..not after what he had became after trying to get back Gallifrey...a Cybercontroller. But, he has been defeated, killed, and laid to rest once more. I share this knownledge, of his falseness with only my trusted friends, and some advisers.. Gallifrey has fallen on hard times since we were saved, and I do not wish to lower morale anymore."

Name: Lambda
Alias: "If I had to pick such an Alias, I think...The Chancellor sounds appropriate
Age: Hes lost track.
Current Gender: Male
Regenerations Left: 4
Current Appearance: Old, wrinkled, Grey bearded and bald.
Status/Job on Gallifrey: President of the Supreme Council of Gallifrey and All Her Dominions, Holder of the Wisdom of Rassilon, Preserver of the Matrix, Guardian of the Legacy of Omega, or Lord President
Current Personality: Kind hearted, would do anything for Gallifrey and its people, even if it meant giving up his final regenerations
Items: Rod of Rassilon, Sash of Rassilon, Great Key of Rassilon, Key of Rassilon, Crown of Rassilon, Rassilon's Gauntlet.
TARDIS Type #16, though rarely in use.

Bio: Lambda is one who insists he is old as Gallifrey itself, and sometimes it seems very likely. No one knows his true age, and could easily be older then anything people have guessed. But one think is for certain, he knows Gallifrey's history better then anyone else in the entire universe.

Much of his younger life is unknown. He was a teacher, and eventually friends of the Architect, an Engineer and Craftsmen. His most well known thing about him, was when he guarded the Omega Arsenal in the Time Vaults, and had met with the War Doctor. Fearing for his life, knowing of the Time Lord's deeds, he let him in, the man only staring at Lambda, then leaving with the Moment. At first, he had be called a traitor, and a coward by his fellow men, for letting a dangerous man like The Doctor have "The Moment" However, upon Gallifrey learning he used the Moment, and instead of destroying them all, he let them live. He was then elevated up to the Supreme Council, and called a Hero.

Eventually, Gallifrey would be freed from its moment in time, and be brought into the end of the universe, inside a reality bubble. The Doctor, in his twelfth life, would come out, and face off against Rassilon, not with weapons, but with words. Rassilon left the planet, and Lambda would be put in charge. However, Rassilon would return, having taken control of some Cybermen, and became a Cyber Controller. Lambda. however, would make sure he would not go down without a fight, and brought along the best warriors in Gallifrey he knew, and forced them back. He known reigns with a gentle, but firm, fist.

Aria laughed to herself. She had "borrowed" a vortex manipulator that her father had brought back from a recent adventure. One he had modified to put a protective bubble around someone, to lessen the effects of the time vortex on someone. Though it had to recharge after every use, so now she was stuck.

Though, New New York is certainly not a bad place to be stuck in. Depending on what time your in it of course, but at the moment she was in a more pleasant version of it, one that she had much fun exploring around, and seeing what she could get with some money she found near where she teleported in from.

+Runi Meshurok

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"This is not how one should treat a TARDIS! A TARDIS is living, breathing. It is your eternal companion, one you will never be without, one who will never leave you. They also, are your own conscience. Tell you when to stop, telling you when to calm down. They know where you're going, and where you've been. They are like anything other creature. Alive, and emotional."

Name: Upsilon

Alias: The Architect


Current Gender:Male

Regenerations Left: 11

Status/Job on Gallifrey: Renegade

Current Personality: Tired, Cautious of most thing, Protective of family, especially Aria.

Items: Sonic Screwdriver- Multitool, built himself for fixing up TARDIS's, and most other forms of machinery.
TARDIS Coral- Kept inside TARDIS, is a secret.
Time Lord Box- Box holding a variety of items, mainly parts for a TARDIS and some random machine parts, bigger on the inside.

TARDIS Type #35

And if TARDIS is stuck in one Disguise: Rusted down Shed

Companion: (Optional): None now.

Bio: The Architect is an Old Time Lord. One who knows many many things. He says he saw the First TARDIS's, and had a hand in making them, though no one honestly know if hes telling the truth or not. However, one thing is certain. There is no one on Gallifrey, or in the universe that knows the ins and outs of a TARDIS better then him.

Very little of his life back on Gallifery is known, besides that he made TARDISies. He has a wife and daughter, who he visits quite often in between his adventures and worries about them both constantly. Besides that, hes made multiple friends over his years, a couple time lords here and there, a Thal, and many others. Though most of that was in his previous life, the first Architect.

The Current Architect dislikes his first incarnation, due to his childishness in trying to refuse regeneration and nearly killing himself over it till the very end where he was forced to or he would die from the radiation from Skaro. So he tries to never think about it..and hopes he'll never meet his previous incarnation.

(Basically, retconning the original 2nd Architect. He barely did anything and so, just made the third Architect, the new second one. Anything that the Original 2nd one did, the new one has done.)

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"Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership.....Said by Colin Powell yes? My people long ago stopped leading me....they do not care for those they will crush beneath them in their 'great war'."
- Garrison reflecting on his decision to leave the War Lords behind

“Family is not an important thing. It's everything. Absolutely everything....but what does one do when you don't have one? Or they're all gone?”
- Garrison writing in his journal reasons unknown

Some of the Basics First:

Full Name -- Garrison Lawrence Clarke
Meaning of Name -- “Spear-fortified town from the place of laurel leaves, Cleric”
Nickname -- Garry, Sonny, Arris, Renny, Clarke, The Deserter
Birth Date -- August 27, UNKNOWN YEAR
Astrological Sign and Details -- Virgo
Birth Place -- UNKNOWN But some conquered planet of the War Lords
Age -- Believed to be 27, UNKNOWN due to his heritage and tendency to travel through time
Nationality -- NONE Identifies with no nation, considers himself a Nomad
Race -- Hybrid of War Lord, Time Lord, and Time Rider descent
Hair Color -- Pale blonde, appears white
Hair Style -- Classic short cut, bangs angled from the left, slightly messy
Shape and Features of Face -- Oval, cheekbones are slightly more feminine
Glasses or Contacts -- Doesn’t need glasses, chooses to wear simple frames for anonimity (Occasionally)
Eye Color -- Pale blue-violet
Skin Tone -- White
Scars or Distinguishing Marks -- Scarring: right hand, mostly his right palm and the ball of his right thumb
Disabilities -- Retains a slight limp on his left side from an old injury that didn’t heal properly
Build or Body Type -- Ectomorph, lean and tall
Height -- 6ft 3in
Weight -- 197lbs
Speech Patterns -- Very Polite, shy at times, stutters when caught off guard
Tag Words* --
Gestures -- Tends to wring his hands when stressed, or become suddenly very interested in what’s in his hands. When angered he has a habit of irritably brushing his bangs (uselessly) out of his face.
Weakness -- Shyness, Is overly critical of himself, anxious often, extreme excessive Loyalty if anyone gains his trust
Special Abilities or Powers -- Can travel the Time Vortex for short periods without ill effects

Family and Childhood:

Mother -- Unknown Time Lady/ Time Rider hybrid
Father -- Unknown War Lord
Mother's Occupation -- Thought to be an Explorer from Gallifrey
Father's Occupation -- General for the War Lords, thought to also be in charge of “Special Operations”
Family Finances -- Specifics unknown
Birth Order -- No Siblings Confirmed
Brothers -- None Confirmed
Sisters -- None Confirmed
Other Close Family -- Incomplete Records indicate his Father was the only “close” family he had
Best Friend -- Unknown
Other Friends -- None
Enemies -- Sunil
Pets -- None
Home Life During Childhood -- Restricted
Town or City Name(s) -- UNKNOWN
Details of Town(s) or City(s) -- UNKNOWN
What Did His or Her Bedroom Look Like -- Very bare, necessities only
Any Sports or Clubs -- None
Favorite Toy or Game -- Hide and Seek
Schooling -- Military Focused
Favorite Subject -- Anything focused on Stealth
Popular or Loner -- Loner
Important Experiences or Events -- Started Military training at five years old…...didn’t stop until age 17 when he ran away from the War Lords
Health Problems -- None currently known
Culture -- Highly Militaristic
Religion and beliefs -- None known

Your Character's Character:

Bad Habits -- Has a tendency to drink a lot when upset
Good Habits -- Highly organized
Best Characteristic -- Loyal to a fault, and very kind
Worst Characteristic -- Incredibly shy
Worst Memory -- First time he was thrown into a War Zone….age 6
Best Memory -- Running away from the War Lords and starting over
Proud of -- His ability to live his life relatively normally despite being hunted by Sunil
Embarrassed by -- How awkward and shy he gets despite being a very capable person
Driving Style -- Normally cautious, gets reckless when angry
Strong Points -- Very loyal and caring to friends
Temperament -- Patient and kind, compassionate beyond reason
Attitude -- Optimistic despite his very lonely and harsh upbringing
Weakness -- Gullible, can be fooled by first impressions despite being analytical he sees the good in everyone… the point of deluding himself at points
Fears -- Being found by the War Lords, Losing a Friend, Being rejected
Phobias -- Claustrophobia and Pyrophobic
Secrets -- Has contemplated suicide to escape Sunil and the War Lords
Regrets -- Not trying to learn more about his Mother
Feels Vulnerable When -- Anyone criticizes him
Pet Peeves -- People acting like they know everything to hide ignorance
Conflicts -- Hates violence, yet was trained to be a Soldier
Motivation -- Survival
Short Term Goals and Hopes -- Avoid Sunil’s notice
Long Term Goals and Hopes -- Live a free life away from the War Lords
Sexuality -- Bisexual, leans more towards women
Exercise Routine -- Goes for a run every single evening, parkour
Day or Night Person -- Night, likes looking at the stars and how...sometimes….quiet everything is.
Introvert or Extrovert -- Largely Introverted yet occasionally displays emotional outbursts
Optimist or Pessimist -- Optimist

Likes and Styles:

Music -- Violin and Piano
Books -- History, Cooking, Mystery, How to Guides
Magazines -- Cooking
Foods -- Sushi, Tomato soup, Bread
Drinks -- Wine, Ginger Beer, Hot Chocolate
Animals -- Cats, Dogs, Horses…...anything not an insect really
Sports -- Fencing
Social Issues -- Doesn’t relate well with “Civilians” despite best efforts, comes across as distant often
Favorite Saying -- “Family is not an important things, it is everything”
Color -- Sky-blue, Lilac, White
Clothing -- Tends to wear blue jeans with a white T-shirt...owns both a black and a white military-style jacket can often be seen with either
Jewelry -- Wears a Watch on his left wrist
Games -- Chess,puzzled by yet intrigued by the card game “Magic”
Websites -- None, avoids the Internet
TV Shows -- Crime shows
Movies -- Interested in Action movies
Greatest Want -- For the War Lords to leave him alone
Greatest Need -- To remain as anonymous as possible

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now:

Home -- Small Flat off the grid
Household furnishings -- Simple and essential….barring the extensive library all over the place
Favorite Possession -- a Violin he picked up in his travels
Most Cherished Possession -- A Journal he carries everywhere and writes his thoughts and emotions in
Neighborhood -- UNKNOWN
Town or City Name -- New New York
Details of Town or City -- Future New York (actually the Fifteenth since the Original)
Married Before -- No
Significant Other Before -- Delilah
Children -- None
Relationship with Family -- Nonexistent
Best Friend -- UNKNOWN
Other Friends -- The Collector
Enemies -- Sunil
Car -- Motorcycle actually
Pets -- Cat he named Harmony
Career -- None
Salary -- UNKNOWN
Other Income -- Odd Jobs
Dream Career -- Never really considered it
Dream Life -- Being free without having to hide
Love Life -- Nonexistent
Sexual Turn Ons -- Don’t ask
Sexual Turn Offs -- People prying into what “turns him on”
Hobbies -- Reading, Writing, Playing Violin, Fencing, Parkour
Guilty Pleasure -- His Motorcycle….despite that possibly being a paper trail right to him
Sports or Clubs -- None
Talents or Skills -- Playing Violin, Hand to Hand Combat, Can handle a gun just fine, Knife throwing, Parkour, Unseen Movement, Horse-back riding…...etc. Many things picked up during his travels through time
Intelligence Level -- Exceptionally high by human standards
Finances -- Near hand to mouth existence
Greatest Strength -- His ability to blend in
Greatest Weakness -- He’s lonely
Health Problems -- None to Date
Culture -- None
Religion -- None but tolerates every belief he’s come across

Life Before Current Occupation:

Past Careers -- Soldier, Librarian, Cook, Secretary…...etc. If it catches his interest he will attempt it
Past Lovers -- Delilah, a human woman who he thought he loved only to be rejected by her when he “abandoned her” by accidentally traveling to the wrong time period.
Biggest Mistakes -- Travelling alone through Time, he has gotten lost more than once and caused himself and those around him some great difficulty by not knowing when he or where he is. Enough said.
Biggest Achievements --,Saved Earth once… accident if you believe it.
Backstory: Garrison Clarke is a hybrid born of….questionable circumstances. His mother was half Time Lady, half Time Rider… to traverse the vortex without a Tardis for short times his mother travelled far and wide through time and space…..she met Garrison’s father, a War Lord, by sheer chance of ‘dropping’ in on a planet the War Lords had been attempting to conquer. Garry’s father was the one to raise Garry…..telling him that his mother was another War Lord. Garry’s real mother has never seen him…..and there’s a strong likelihood that she never will…...All Garry ‘knows ‘about her is that she “died in childbirth”. A statement that he accepted...but some days he wonders…..his father never seemed to like him, pushing him into situations as though to see what would happen, as though Garry was just an experiment for something. Garry having fled the War Lords managed to find a way to build a new life…...he has a small home on New Earth in New New York that he occasionally goes to…...considering it’s as off the grid as he could make it he doesn’t pay rent. On top of his small home Garry has, in every TARDIS he’s ever been in, set up a room for himself. Everything simple the most ‘luxury’ Garry ever has in his space is the large number of books he has everywhere, on shelves on desks on the floor….books are stacked everywhere in his home. Considering all the hell he has been through.....Garry does have a slight drinking problem, something he's very picky about when it come to it....Wine is his big thing.......any other liquor.....forget it he's gone. He tends to write a lot down....carrying a journal everywhere with him.

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"Why do I travel? Dunno.......Mum and Dad always I just carried on when they.....when they they were could I forget that.......? How could I forget?! I will get revenge.....I swear it......"
-The Collector

Name: Kynia
Alias: The Collector
Age: 1998
Gender: Female
Regenerations Left: 12
Status: Renegade
Personality: She loves adventure, always on the move looking for danger. She likes to explore and discover new places.
TARDIS Type: 73
TARDIS disguise: Antiques Shop (stuck)
Companion: None at the moment
Bio: The Collector intensely dislikes talking about herself. Don't ask about her life back on Gallifrey......she will change the subject faster than she can find an item in her "shop". But from some comments she let slip reveal a troubled Renegade indeed........wandering through Space and Time since she was only 90 years old.....Parents lost to a run in with Daleks. Renegades all her family......they all wandered. She alone lives. By the strangest quirk of fate.......a Dalek showed mercy......old as she is now she still doesn't understand....nor does she care too. She wants revenge. But for now she is content to tend to her little shop.

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Garrison Lawrence Clarke's 1950's Indian Chieftain Motorcycle. Genuine article he found on his travels, Garry uses the bike as his "TARDIS". All his worldly possessions that he truly never wishes to lose are in the saddle bags......Garry's managed to retrofit the Bike to run off the Vortex itself, a complex process that Garry ruefully admits "totaled more than one beautiful Bike". Used much as a Vortex Manipulator the Bike is a lot more than it looks. Though the Time Hybrid loves the Bike for its color as well as its speed (much helped out by yet more futuristic enhancements to the sometimes Classic sometimes Cutting Edge Motorcycle), The Deserter of the War Lords often pushes the speed well beyond reasonable, but if the need arose he'd gladly be able to squeeze a passenger onto the one-seat Bike to save a life.....that is if you don't mind his somewhat reckless driving. Note: this post is an add on since I forgot to add this pic to his Full Profile.
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