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Gonna Update the Profile Guide! Note, any Profiles before this was made don't have to update, unless you want to.

Time Lord/Lady Guide
Note-If your Timelord is on any regeneration that is not their first, include short bits on their personality. Also the whole make a new post when your Time Lord regenerates part, you still do that, but don't have to include previous lives if the previous one already talked about them, or if its the first life.

Alias: "The Something"


Current Gender:

Past Genders: (If any past Regenerations changed gender.)

Regenerations Left:

Current Appearance:

Past Appearances: (If on any regeneration past 1)

Status/Job on Gallifrey: (If you don't want to stay on Gallifrey, put Renegade here please)

Current Personality:

Past Personality: (If on any Regeneration past 1)

Items: (If they have any. If they do, include some light Descriptions of items.)

TARDIS Type # And if TARDIS is stuck in one Disguise:

Companion: (Optional):


Any Species not a Timelord Profile. (Include Time Lord Hybrids)








(You can add anything to these if need be, if you feel likes its important.)

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"My father has done many things in his life, and yet has always came back to do stuff with me. Even as a renegade he makes his way back home. I want to be like him someday. Have my own TARDIS, go out exploring. I've even been trying to think of my own special title! One day, it'll happen! And I'll make him proud!"

"I worry for her....shes so excitable, and she doesn't think when she should. I worry shes going to sneak into my TARDIS, and I won't be able to bring her back. I'm more afraid of her going into her first regeneration at only 120 years old..thats so young. It was bad enough I nearly had a heart attack when the Doctor's told us she had a large amount of Artron energy in her when she was born..more then any child should have at that age. It makes me wonder if me always working on TARDISes that caused that.. I don't need her giving me another almost dying."
-The Architect

Name: Aria

Age: 120

Current Gender: Female

Regenerations Left: 12

Current Appearance: Pale Blonde Hair, blue eyes,

Status/Job on Gallifrey: Student at Gallifrey.

Current Personality: Bubbly, Cheerful, Naive, Energetic.

Items: Her father's old Sonic Screwdriver.

Bio: The daughter of the First life of the Architect, shes always loved her father's stories. Stories of the Cyberman, of the Daleks, of the War Lords, everything. She
idolized her father so much so, at the age of 80, she began looking into the building and growth of TARDISes to follow in her father's footsteps. Of course, shes also many times tried to stowaway in her Father's TARDIS, but he always found her. However this doesn't stop her from continuing to try and sneak her way in on at least one adventure.
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"I never actually have a set place in mind, or a precise goal to reach. No matter the face, I am always aimless in my search for some kind of catharsis from the boredom. I am forever restless in my wandering."
¤ The First Wayfarer

"Surmounting odds? They mean nothing to me. Growing dangers? Have at thee! I have too many things to see and I don't know where to start, but I can tell you this, my story does not end here!"
¤ The Second Wayfarer (CURRENT)

Beta Phi


"I chose it because I never felt anything else truly fit. A teacher, true, I was. But once I left, I was something else. I'm as arrogant as any other Time Lord, so I am always a chronic pedagogue. I thrust myself into the unknown with such a reckless abandon, I couldn't really make heads or tails of it. And I thought I was so sure. Wayfarer. How appropriate."

~The Second Wayfarer

520 Years

Gallifreyian Time Lord

Male (Currently)

In his first incarnation, the Wayfarer preferred more formal clothing, opting for vests, jackets, ties, and variations between the three items. Towards the end of his first life, he loosened up, preferring open jackets and paisely dress shirts.

In his second life, formality was discarded for a more rugged attire. Leather and denim jackets are his go-to, as his outfits became more weathered and worn.

Personality: Past and Present

The First Wayfarer was similar to a bird flying from the nest for the first time. If you asked him, leaving Gallifrey was the best thing to ever happen to him. He threw caution to the wind as a sort of gentlemanly daredevil. When interacting with other Time Lord he's always curious, asking where they'd been, where they'd like to go. The First loved to be pulled into the next escapade, in love with the spontaneity.

The Second Wayfarer is not as caught up in the wanderlust as his former self. He's more rough around the edges and more likely to thrust himself into potentially more dangerous situations. His spontaneous nature is less endearing and more along the lines of insanity. He revels in chaos, pushing his TARDIS to breakneck speeds, ripping through the vortex. This lack on conscientiousness is more than likely a long term symptom of post-regenerative trauma.


The Collector:
The Collector was the first face he met when he landed on Earth. Although newly regenerated, she was able to recognize his TARDIS as dimensionally transcendent with a question, "Bigger on the inside?". After meeting her Dalek companion, Theta, the two renegades became fast friends and even crossed paths with the Wayfarer's War Lord nemesis, the General.

The Architect:
The Architect is one that he holds in high regard. Artificier of TARDISes, this Time Lord has only crossed paths with Beta Phi a couple of times. In every instance they have helped one another, and together, defeated the General and his fleet of War TARDISes.

The Monitor:
At first a human, Delilah was the first human the Wayfarer had met. She became his companion when he showed her the stars and they went on many adventures together. However, Delilah was mortally wounded in one such escapade, but somehow gained the ability to regenerate, or perhaps she always had? Reborn as the Monitor, she regained her latent memories became a renegade herself. She was also, his first love.

Items of Interest

Sonic Device: The probe is exceptionally good at tracking wavelengths across long distances, recording and uploading data and biometric reading of organic and scans of inorganic matter.

TARDIS: A type 50, the Wayfarer's TARDIS is fully functioning, however, when traveling alone, he opts to use the Randomiser. The exterior takes the form of a black phonebox.

Vortex Manipulator: Vortex manipulators are a form of basic time travel used and issued by the Time Agency. 51st century versions were housed in leather wrist-straps with a covering flap, enabling the device to be worn conveniently by the Time Agent without drawing attention to the device itself.

Pulsar Rifle: The Wayfarer carries an energy rifle in his TARDIS. The weapon is capable of an Alpha Meson burst. This type of energy  was used as "alpha meson phosphor", the presence of which could provide a light source throughout a building without the need for bulbs or openings to natural light. Weaponized it has the potential to disintergrate on contact, as well as stun, disorient, and create a source of light.


Beta Phi was a teacher of Astronomy at the Time Lord Academy on Gallifrey. At the time of his leaving, he had dreamt of seeing the Andromeda galaxy from his own TARDIS. One night, he stole one and ripped through the vortex with a wild look in his eye. At the age of eight, when he stared into the Untempered Schism he saw all of time, and he was both inspired and awestruck. It was only now, that he decided to truly run, and leave everything behind.

The Wanderer by Dion

Interstellar Main Theme [Extended]

Rivers in the Desert / Persona 5 OST

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Wander Over Yonder: Prologue

The Wayfarer had all the time in the world to throw himself into unknown peril. All the time in the world to run for his life. In fact he had so much time to act, he never realized he had time to simply **stop. The racing of his hearts returned to a nominal beat, and his hands curled around a large hamburger. He was in the city of New York, where everything was seemingly of giant proportions. It was strange to him. Being still. Eating. Watching. Meandering. Although, while different than wandering, it was still aimless, unoriented and unfocused. Passerby entered and left his vision; people of varying trends, ideas, and cultures.

The burger was good, delicious even. But he did not pay attention to it. He leaned against a black telephone box. Foreign, yet at the same time, nondescript. Manhattan had seen stranger things. Much stranger things. The presence of an anachronism was simply another sideshow to be gawked at momentarily, and then disregarded.

The heart of the TARDIS hummed. The Wayfarer could feel its pulse. It too, grew restless. It was a mirror to the Gallifreyian's soul.

It was time to leave. But a part of him would not budge. Some part of him tugged on the city, pleading with it to drag him down deep into something new and exciting. The hairs on the back of his neck prickled up with an apprehension.

How many times have I done this? Hello everyone. So. For some of our Older Members, you should know I have a habit of..forgetting, and trying to restart this community. I would love to do this again! And ACTUALLY FRICKEN STAY WITH IT FOR ONCE. I'm not as busy as I used to be. I will try my hardest to stay at it. Hell if I seem to disappear, bother me! I may or may not answer, but I will certainly see your message and be reminded. Lets get this show on the road huh? ;D

Some updates on characters:

Delilah: done with the timelord business. Adopted a kid, and plans on taking care of him. If she meets another, she will give them information, but won't go off again. Not when she has Matt to take care of.

The Monitor: Unknown. Probably dead. She was always reckless. She pops up now and then, but... probably dead.

Both "The Charmer" And Alex are still good, but I'm resetting them so they never met anyone. I'm also going to go back and revamp their profiles.

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(i know this is from sarah jane adventures but i couldn't find a rp for the series besides i like his character and he's met the 10th and 11th doctors)

Name: Clyde Langer

Age: 16

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Personality: Tries to be funny

Bio: hi i'm clyde langer and to sum my story up here's a quote i prepared in advance 13 bannerman road is where sarah jane smith lives and it's home to things way beyond your imagination there's an extra terrestrial super computer in the wall a genetically engineered boy genius in the attic a schoolgirl investigator across the road and a whole universe of adventure right here on the doorstep "ready?" always...what that wasn't enough for you? man come on ok fine i was at a school i recently moved to and i hated those school meals they looked like absolute mush so i bought my own lunch it was a chip sandwich with salt and vinegar and turns out the vinegar was a great idea because our teachers were aliens called slitheen (they looked like e.t mixed with hulk!) and vinegar because it was acid was toxic to them and made them explode into green goo and pasta so since then sarah jane took me on her adventures and they're amazing!

Mikeeta (Adam the zygon) was sitting on a bench using his usual tenth doctor form

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Name: Mikeena , prefers the name "Adam" (reference to "zigella/Bonnie"

Age: unknown

Species: Zygon

Gender: Male

Personality: unlike most zygons Mikeeta is very kind and is not evil in any way shape or form when attacked he will fight back as he is quite low tempered

Bio: Mikeeta used to be all about war and destroying the humans but on a mission to learn more using the 10th doctors form (more on using that form later) he has grown attached to the humans so when he got back he betrayed the zygons by destroying a bunch of them and running off to the surface in hiding from them (remember how i said more on using the 10th doctors form later? well) he really liked the form he used on the mission so decided to live among the humans with it
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Garrison Clarke stood in The Charmer's (+Sarah O) TARDIS as they'd landed in the midst of an ancient civilization.....he was quiet and reserved. On the surface anyways, he was just a soldier waiting for orders. Trapped in his own mind that was different....he was screaming in his own mind.....the only time the mess of his psyche made it out into the world....was when he was asleep and dreaming. Nightmares. He couldn't get away from them. How could he when he was living one?

Nightingale walked into The Architect's (+Jake Witkowski) TARDIS Aright've got the lock on Charmer's TARDIS, let's see if we can't catch him before he bounces eh Sugar? she smirks at The Architect then glances at Delilah Should be a wild ride no?
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