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Join be a legend or live in infany be a hero and save the people or be a villan and take awhat you want be a hired gun mercenary or loyal to the force cop yoyr choice but hurry cause this city needs a leader

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(Note: coat is actually a light grey, in the second picture I used a 6b pencil by accident)

Name: Night Walker
Gender: male
Race: Alicorn
Age: 18
Likes: to help his friends and will protect those in danger
Dislikes: bullying and violence
Bio: i grew up fending for himself and i was \ born a regular unicorn pony i had wondered into cantorlot by mistake one night, i was all alone and scared when suddenly i hear a voice behind me, i turned to and in a act of self defence i trap the pony within a wall of hardened shadow i then realize it was princess luna and i released her, i apologized and she told me that i had a very special power but if i didnt learn to control it it would consume me so she offered to take me under her wing and to teach how to control this power. after a few months i asked her if i could join her royal guard she said i could and so after a few more months as i was trying my best to impress the princess  she came to me and  gave me  a special assignment to investigate a mysterious new land, when he arrived he came across a tyrannical ruler named satannis a powerful demon horse. He managed to defeat this foe and when he did the princess gave him his wings and then crowned him king of this new land. (Bio needs work tbh

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Name : Princess Death Flame

Age : Unknown

Gender : Mare

Personality : Quiet, Sweet, Easily Mad, Sneaky, Daring,

Likes : Flying Fast, Pranking mean Ponies who talk about her friends or family

Dislikes : Mean Ponies who talk about her friends or family

Skills:Flying Fast,Killing,Making Weapons,Healing,Casting Spells

Weapons:Fire-breathing,Red and black swords,Pink and black blades,Red,gun,Pink and red Sytche.

Occupation:Being a rebel,Killing,Sharpining Weapons,Flying, Dark magic, Insanity,Casting Spells,Sneaking,

Power:Casting Spells, Flying, Dark magic,Speed,

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This is my alicorn
Name: night wind
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