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Welcome to Elderon where the two wolf packs, Faded Night, and Red river, pick a side and join in the great adventure!

Hello, I am Semiramis, Alpha Female of Red River Pack, and I am here to guide you through the journey of walking through the Novak Tunnels and entering our wonderful home we know as Elderon

You are allowed 20 wolf profiles, 5 bird profiles, and 2 spirit wolf profiles, it may be any kind of bird

About The Packs
Here I will tell you a bit about both packs

Faded Night Pack
The faded Night pack was created when a group of lone wolves came together and formed a pack, Faded night pack wolves have a tendency to be more mysterious than the red River wolves

Red river pack
Red river wolves are normally very friendly and kind, and like to stay out of the way if everyone's way, their camp is beside the red river

Faded Night Territory

Red river territory

Faded Night Roster

Red river roster

Official Wolf Profile Template

Official Bird Profile Template

About the Places of Elderon

Current ARC
The dawn of the Packs

The Dawn Of the Packs Arc
The Dawn of the Packs Arc is when the Packs have just been formed and both are gaining power, which Pack will be the most powerful, well that lies in your paws

Current pup/hatchling genration
1st generation

Meet The Alphas Of the Packs!

Semiramis, Alpha female of Red River
Roleplayed by *+Zayn Of Storm Pack​**​**​**​**​**​**​**​​___

Shadowerie, Alpha male of Red River
Roleplayed by *+Deathheart the Deadly​**​**​**​**​**​​___

Kareem, Alpha male of Faded Night
Roleplayed by *+Aspen the Physo Path​**​​___

Eclipse, Alpha female of Faded Night
Rolplayed by +•Reene•
Well have fun and ask me any questions you have, please ask for high ranks


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Open Rp
-Limit text talk
-At least three lines
-Be realistic

In an everlasting sea of green that stretched out to the highest mountains, where crystal waters ran down to unite the Valleys below. Echo stood, her two front paws planted firmly in the cold, clear river.
This must be the Red River. She thought, the currents reflected the warm rays of sun in a way that gave it a light crimson hue.
She dips her head down, lapping up the cool waves of water. The current was weak where she was standing. But it got harsher up stream. After she was finished she crossed the stream.
She had been following a herd of elk for a few days now. She could smell that they had just recently crossed the river, maybe an hour or so ago. She knew she was making progress, but that didn't change the fact that she hadn't eaten anything for more than at least a week and a half. Her stomach grumbles, I know I know, hurry up and get food... She says to herself. She then sniffs the air one last time for direction, picks up her footing and starts sprinting East. Eventually, she slows down and find the herd. She observse them quietly, looking for the weak ones. Suddenlybshe sees a Cow elk with a limp. It was smaller than the others so that meant that it would be easy to take down. The limp also meant it was slower than the others. She comes out of hiding in oder to scare them and get them running. She dodges the trees as she sprints after the injured yearling. It slacked behind just as she suspected. She bites the rump, being careful of its hooves. After a few seconds she loses grip and has to let go. She chases the elk for a bit longer. She then picks up her speed and gets close enough to bite its neck and pull it down. She does just that. Surprisingly that brings it to the ground. It kicks and struggles to try to get back up on its feet, determine not to die. But Echo's focus was all on it staying down. She bites it's neck and body, doing what ever she can to kill it. Finally, it stops moving. She begins to rip hair off of it to get to the skin. When suddenly she smells the scent of an unknown wolf. She turns around to see you lurking behind her. You........ Open Rp

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Official Wolf Profile Template

[•]Name[•] “My Name is Echo, though the humans put this thing around my neck and call me ‘F 86,’ or ‘86 F.’ I don’t quit know why, humans are weird like that.

[•]Nickname/s[•] None

[•]Name reason[•] “When I was a pup, my mother used to yip at me or playfully growl at me, and when she did I would make the same noise back. So after a week or so I was given the name Echo.”

[•]Name Pronunciation (Optional)[•]

[•]Age[•] “I am currently four years old. I turned four last month.”

[•]Mental Age[•]
3.5 year old wolf

[•]Gender[•] “Well if you haven’t figured it out already then I’m a girl”

[•]Sexual orientation[•] strait

[•]Pack[•] “I have no Pack. Last winter I was captured my humans in a different land while on patrol, they took me to this whole new place that is miles away from home.”

[•]Past pack/s[•] “The Pack I used to be apart of was the Silver Pack. My Alpha was Storm. He was also my father, he was the father of the whole pack. Which had seven adults and four puppies that were on the way.”

[•]Future pack/s[•] Unknown

[•]Rank[•] Loner

[•]Past rank/s[•] “I was just a Pack Mate.”

[•]Future ranks[•] Unknown


[•]Mother[•] “My mother died when I was just a yearling. We were hunting bison and accidentally chose a stronger one... she payed them her life because of it.

[•]Father[•] “Last time I saw him he was alive and okay.”

[•]Siblings[•] “I haven’t heard from them either. But before I was moved I had four brothers.”

[•]Crush[•] None(Open)

[•]Mate[•] None (0pe|\|

[•]Pups[•] none

[•]Friends[•] Open

[•]best friend[•] Open

[•]Enemies[•] Open

[•]Arch enemy[•] Open


[•]Pelt[•] Echo’s pelt is mostly a black and thick, but there are a few silver hairs here and there.

[•]Eyes[•] Warm gray

[•]Scars/markings[•] Above and below her eyes are silver markings. On her inner, front, left leg she has a scar from a fall

Body type

[•]Height[•] from the ground up to the shoulder she is 2feet and 4 inches

[•]Weight[•] 74lbs/34kgs

[•]Length[•] from her nose to her tail she is 5ft long

[•]Biography[•] “I was born in the beginning of spring, like most wolves, into the Silver Pack. I was the youngest of my litter, so my brothers would often pick on me. I remember how proud I was when I beat them all for the first time. I was four months old at the time. When I was a year old my father and mother took me out to hunt. It took a few time for me and my brothers to get the hang of it, but eventually we all took one out. I was the one to take the killing bite too! I can still remember sinking my canines into the neck of the bison. It had already collapsed to the and had been fighting to got back up for a while then. That had been our food for the whole week. A few weeks later while on the hunt the bison wouldn’t run, this made it harder for us to kill them. All they would do is back up in a circle and face us with their horns. Eventually they all lost their nerve and ran. We went for the slowest one. Well apparently that was a bad idea. He was strong. After a long stand off my mother ran towards the bison to try to bite it but just shoved her back with his horns and ran and jumped on top of her. She Let out painful yelps, and we tried to help her but we couldn’t. I was too dangerous. She died an hour later. The whole pack was in mourning for the loss of their alpha. It wasn’t long before the alpha male started howling for an other female. Every mourning and every evening he would howl but he never got a response. Eventually winter came around again. As well as another female. She was young. Maybe four my father was six. She instantly became the alpha female of that pack. Not long after, while on patroll on the outer edges of my territory, I was caught by humans in this huge fire beast. They took me too another land. One unfamiliar with me....


Art credit #ArtNotMine

So I have a question as a mod, do you have to wait for your profile to be approved before role playing? Or sense you are a mod it doesn’t matter? Idk I just want to make sure.

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Wolf Profile
Name Mason
Gender Male
Age 7
Sexuality Straight
Mates None, Open
Pack none
Powers Unknown
Siblings none
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Strength None
Weakness can't run fast, doesn't know how to hunt and not strong at all and tries running from everything.
Likes being alone and exploring.
Dislikes being chased, being eaten alive, other animals trying to mate him or kill or rape him.
Bio he is alone most of the time, he never knew his parents, he can't fight or hunt, if something does try fighting him he'll loose, he looks very tasty to any predators and looks tasty to sexual predators as well, can't make much friends and he has been raped once and he tries getting away from sexually and vore predators but they keep coming at him. He was attacked by an unknown creature that left him a scratch that bleeds a lot but he was able to escape.

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Any one what to rp with me

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Name: whitemoon

Nickname: gawain

Name reason: my parents called me gawain "the white falcon"

Age: 20

Mental age: unknown

Physical age: unknown

Gender: male

Sexual orientation: straight ( i don't. Know)

Wolf companion: open

Family: yes

Mother: taria

Father: king

Siblings: just one - whitemoon

Crush: none

Mate: none

Former mate: none

Best friend: open

Enemies: open

Pack: faded night pack

Arch enemy: open

Appearance: picture

Feather patten: white and gray

Eye color: blue

Scar: none

Body type: unknown

Bio: classified

Credited: #not my art


Nova was watching the river

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