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Well, this was a learning experience.

I will try rebooting this idea, but I'll take a better approach at this.

Unless I pull this down, consider this community closed to any activity.

Not that it had anything going on... >->

so.. why is this so silent?

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The advanced future is a vast expanse of space, previously unexplored by certian groups. A wide variety of planets provide a unique feel to any adventurer and dangers of every kind. The area is under exploration from a group known as the Oscar Empire (OE), and with their arrival also comes a variety of unique villians.

Also, make sure you don't fly into the sun...

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Pangara Nui is a unique realm within the Bionicle universe. It has often been referred to as "The lost Island" due to no one being able to find it in over a millennia. With vibrant landscapes and unique wildlife, this island is sure to please any traveling adventurers seeking the trip of a lifetime.

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Profile #1 (Please use this one as an example for others)

Name: Toa Kyrak
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Toa (previously Matoran)
Weapons/Armor: Dual Swords- Nigh indestructable blades capable of channeling energies
Rare Protostell Hybrid Armor- protects user with unique build
Pakarak- Mask of Energies, allows Kyrak to manipulate energies
Powers: Can harness multiple elements, can initiate a powerful Gold Armor state, where he becomes stronger, faster and gains the ability to fly.
Weakness: While he can handle dangerous energies, there is a limit to how much he can hold at one time. He also cannot fly under his own power.
Personality: Most people know Kyrak as a fairly cheerful person, however is prone to getting frustrated and angry. While he is never truly confident in his abilities, he strives to help others reach their full potential and always puts his friends before himself.
Bio: While most of his past is unknown, he has revealed that he was a Matoran at one point. Somehow meeting up with Icardee after becoming a Toa, he played a major role in the Battle of the Gate, a defining moment in the lives of his newfound team. In recent events, he has discovered a long lost island, presumed lost to time itself. What this island holds for him is unknown, but he will take it on head first.

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