What is the gospel? Gospel means, good news. So what's the good news?

The gospel has to do with God. God is holy and we're not. By our very nature we sin. Sin does wrong to others, even to ourselves.

All of us lie, cheat, steal, gossip and lust. What's worse is we enjoy doing these things.

When we die, God will judge us and we will be found guilty and we will go to hell. Hell is a place of terrible torment that never ends.

The good news is that Jesus lived a perfect life and took our punishment instead of us. Anyone who puts their trust in Jesus will be forgiven of their sin. God will live in them to live a good life.

Would you like to know how to be forgiven for all the things you've ever done wrong? Ask me and I'd be happy to pray with you.

+Allen Hiott Hi, Allen. What's up?

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You should be here

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Look what we just get

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This is the fish me and my Nana got 2 weeks ago
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