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Yesterday @africateengeeks had the privilege of hosting 180 disadvantaged girls to a pre-screening of #HiddenFigures simultaneously in Durban, Cape Town and Joburg. We also had one of South Africa's most talented And award winning Jazz vocalist Mimi Mtshali who serenaded the girls with an awesome performance from her recent album. We are grateful to our sponsors @City_Press @StandardBank and TimesMediaFilms and our esteemed guest speakers who included CEO, Members of parliament and Academics! 
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Introduced first-year student in my Hostel Coding Club to the Gumball's Coding Adventure @ Academy Of Technology (2/14/17) 

Lead the Gumball's Coding Adventure Activity and also volunteered it in our Hostel Coding Club on Campus.

It was a great experience teaching and guiding the freshmen students.

I was wondering that what kind of support do google provide to enhance the learning process of the students in India.

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"Every child could potentially be the one who imagines a new future, so every child must be given the opportunity to wield the tools of the knowledge economy." _ Yashin Abed Group It Executive at Standard Bank wrote on +CityPressOnline this week

Ciao a tutti! Sono da poco entrata nella community! Sto esplorando i vari commenti...ho bisogno di capire bene 😅

Hiiii! I am hosting TEN Google CS First clubs this summer (totally of 100 kids) YAAAY! Does anyone know where I can get Googley posters for my lab (aside from what is delivered in the materials box)

Could 2nd graders, who have iPad and tech experience, do this?

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First Time in Bangladesh !

Google CS-First ~ Coding is Fun event held in Bangladesh for the first time.

Club is build with the theme of Social Media.

Students were really enthusiastic.

Activity 1 is done.

End of the class a quiz contest was held also. I winner student seems to be very happy achieving her present !
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How @africateengeeks is putting a struggling school to good use to bring coding to a Soweto community - see @City_Press #knit2code


I am from Bangladesh and I have started Google CS First in Bangladesh for the first time in a few months ago. Last 25th January I have started a club on the Topic of Social Media.

While exploring the materials section I have found a material called "Google+ Community Board".

If this means that I will have to create a community and then hang the poster or board of it out side of the room ?

If anyone can help me with the proper answer then please help me with the answer !

Thanks in Advance.
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