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Name: Underswap papyrus the creepypasta proxy girl

Gender: female

Spices: skeleton/human

Likes: likes killing people for fun, likes to hang around with Toby a lot

Hates: masky, Nina, laughing jack, eyeless jack

Loves: to wear hoodies, watch anime with blood in it, watch people fight, to lick blood

A Gil named US papyrus the girl loved to take walks, hang out with her friends and loved to play Pokemon. But one day that all changed for her...she was walking alone in a woods and saw a page on a tree and she ran to it and took it off the tree she saw the page say "dôñ't łōõk ör ít tåkęš ÿôû" and she was very confused and saw more page she went around the woods and there was the last page on that one tree so she ran to it and took it off as soon as she took it if she heard a loud static sound and she looked behind her and say a 6 foot tall or 7 guy with a blank face behind her and 3 people came from behind him and stood next to him and that strange guy made you hear voices in your head and all 4 of them disappeared and she went home and right when her clock hit 12:00 am at midnight she went to the bathroom and stitched her mouth shut she screamed then moments later she killed her family she took a red shirt and a black hoodie out of her closet and put them on and left her house into the woods never to be seen again.
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