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Welcome to this group, +Railean Gheorghe ! =)
I saw you worked as freelance and I hope you will continue it!
But please invite someone in this group!
See you later so and do not forget to post a description of you or a request! ;)

Hi +Sang Mr. Ngoc  and +Hasbi Ash Shiddieqy !
I am triing to create a good community where to share your own projects and find someone to support them! But to do this new users are needed. So may I please ask you to invite someone?
Just begin by posting something on the dashboard! =)
Have fun!

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hello guys!

I work for Yeeply, a new platform specialized in mobile technology: app development, adaptive webs etc. where we link customers with developers. I think that you may be interested in co-working with us. 

for more details visit our website and register to our system to find new projects.

if you have any doubts, just contact me!

You are welcome, +Yeeply ! =)
I would like to invite also you to invite someone in this community.
Let's begin by posting a team request: do not wait for anyone else! ;)
Enjoy the group!

Hey +senthilkumar Thangavelu welcome to this community. I hope you will have fun!! But you should understand that we are not many users. So i would ask you to invite someone!
Have a great day :)

Welcome to you too, +manc dev and +Mahmoud Sayed !
I hope you will enjoy this group but to do this more and more users are needed. So may I please ask you to invite anyone?
Please tell us something about you! :)
Have a good time!

Welcome, +Jeff Wood !
Let's begin by adding a new post in the section you want!
May I please ask you to share this community because new users are needed?
Have a good use!

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Hi! :)

I am looking for a team to create this...well try the following link...

Hope to find someone!!

Hi visitor!! :)

This is a good way to find or create a project team. Just post your request and perhaps you will find whom you are looking for!!

Just try it!! ;)
Have fun
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