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Upcoming workshops and training at the Maker Mill. Register early, as some of the workshops have limited space

--- May ---
May LASERS@ The Mill
Desktop Plastic Injection Molding
Patents, Invention and You
May 3D PRINTING @ The Mill
A2PHD – Cold Casting Custom Coins

Great News!
High Desert Maker Mill is offering a Spring special on Memberships. Join our growing community, please see details on our website.

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+Western Digital have released the 314GB PiDrive, specially optimised for Raspberry Pi.

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Celebrate #WeAre20K @3DHubs
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If your interested in creating a network of 3D printers here in Central Oregon please sign up!

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Join High Desert Maker Mill and other Makers from Central Oregon at McMenamins. Grab a drink, a snack, and let's check out some cool ideas and innovations.

We're getting ready for our activities at Fall Festival and we'll share with you the plans for the rest of Fall. We have some great programs happening:

* High Desert Maker Mill X Derby 
* 3D Scanning & Printing 
* 3D Modeling 
* Cardboard Tube Fighting 
* Competition Robotics Meets & Tournament 
* Laser Etching & Cutting 
* Welding Workshop 
* Mold-Making Workshop 
* Amateur Radio License Workshop

NOTE: This event may be held in a 'no-minors' area of McMenamins. RSVP not required, but we'd sure appreciate it so we can stake out the right sized area.

Use the Meetup link below to get more information, and to keep apprised of other activities and Meetups

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What's in the box. Jeff guessed it correctly so here are the rest of the images.
You can see that it makes perfect parts (frog fishing lure) every time with a some heat and pressure. The plastic is injected into an aluminum mold that can be created with a CNC mill. There is a bit of a learning curve for the different plastics, and making molds is an art of its own. If you interested in learning more let us know.
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