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I'm gonna put this right here 

Any players / GM's in the Beaumont, TX area? I just moved here looking for a group. Thanks

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I'll just leave this right here...

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First of all THANK YOU! :D
Without the support of my amazing patrons I would have never invested the time and effort needed to free yet another project from the depths of my To-Do-Sometime-In-The-Far-Far-Future closet.
So Thanks for that, seriously.

SLA Industries is a famous urban-horror-scifi game from the 90s by Nightfall Games. What I am presenting to you is a Setting in a Box to be used with the Dreamwake rules. The document does not include a World Deck... yet... but just by using the Crunchy Bits provided you will end up playing a very SLA-like game even if you know nothing of the setting.

But why is that so? Are we never going to have a full World Deck, as instead was promised?
The answer ties in with the updates I've been hinting at lately.

YES... you are going to get a full World Deck for both the original Dreamwake, and SLA Industries, and other future SiaB.

YES... each card is going to have its own beautiful and original illustration, specifically made for it. What you can download right now from the website is just a prototipe meant to explain the kind of thing I have in mind.

YES... it is all going to start happeing soon. If all goes to plan, as soon as this summer (around June or July). So stay tuned!

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I'm asking #SLA_Industries  fans all over the web for a bit of help with my project... follow the link to learn more about it and help out! :D

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This is an actual play of a White BPN played with the #Dreamwake  rules.
Sorry this is only in italian for now, but I wanted to share it anyway.
Maybe I'll translate it in the future :)

Gang Evaluation & Appraisal
By Weaver - Human, SCL6C5

Always eager for action, HardCore represent both the devil and the angel when it comes to street ethics and morality. With HardCore, more than any other gang in Lower Downtown, you just do not know how they'll respond or react to any given encounter. Extreme care should be taken when dealing with this street feral group.
Gang Name : HardCore
Threat Level : Very high. HardCore are extremely experienced in street fighting and hit-and-run tactics. They should not be aggressively confronted without Shiver support.
Membership : Approximately 40 members according to the last report filed by an operative known as Raptor (SCL 7B2). All members are female and are predominantly human (90%), with the remaining members being Frothers.
Leadership : An individual know as 'Spin' has been the leader of HardCore for some time, countering at least three leadership battles with other gang members. Her true identity is unknown at this time. Another member known as 'Buzz' is Spin's second in command and most loyal follower.
Territory : Lower Downtown
Favoured Weapons : Gash-Fist's and other close combat weapons seem to be standard. Light firearms are also used to good effect. The Frother gang members use Chain Axes.
Prop Activity : HardCore do offer themselves for hire. Although extremely competent, their unpredictability makes them dangerous to both friend and foe.
Soft Company Involvement
Thresher : N/A
Dark Night : 15% likely according to best appraisal and other evidence.
Overall Appraisal : HardCore should be investigated immediately. Their level of support and confidence on the street does suggest involvement with an outside entity, possibly Dark Night itself. Control of the gang group is recommended rather than outright elimination due of the groups potential usefulness to future SLA operations.
Game Statistics
SPIN - Gang Leader
SKILLS - Streetwise 12, Leadership 8, Dark Night Info 3, Unarmed Combat 8, Blade 1H 6, Club 1H 5, Pistol 7, Rifle 7, Drive Motorcycle 6
Equipment - SLA Blade, Gash-Fist, GA-47 10mm Pistol, 10-10 10g Shotgun, 10 rnds 10g Shot, 10 rnds 10g Slug, 20 rnds 10mm AP, Striker Armour, Civilian Bike, Cellphone.
Quote : "Want some Gash, baby?"
Standard Gang Member
SKILLS - Streetwise 9, Unarmed Combat 6, Blade 1H 6, Pistol 5, Drive Motorcycle 5
Equipment - SLA Blade, Gash-Fist, GA-47 10mm Pistol, 20 rnds 10mm AP, Striker Armour, Civilian Bike.
Frother Hang Members
SKILLS - Streetwise 9, Unarmed Combat 6, Blade 1H 6, Chain Axe 7, Pistol 5, Rifle 5, Drive Motorcycle 5.
Equipment - SLA Blade, Chain Axe, GA-47 10mm Pistol, 20 rnds 10mm HEAP, 5 Doses Blaze UV, Striker Armour, Civilian Bike.
Quote : "I like the soft, pretty ones"

So, to kick a discussion topic off here;
What is your favourite player character race?

Anybody have anything to post for SLA?

I just started watching The Following with Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. Anyone looking to expand on the ideas of serial killers with cult followers may want to watch the first few episodes for ideas to use.
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