Hiya is this group still active? As I feel I'm late to the party.  Is there another page or site that is more active?

Is there any Meet ups happening soon?

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I (slightly!) Updated our site - http://brum.js.org. It's on github pages, if you'd like to contribute anything. I have no idea what to put on there!


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Here's our event for June!
Join us for the first Brum.js at Whisk’s new offices!

This month, Matt Walker will be talking to us about programming in ClojureScript, a platform for compiling Clojure programs into JavaScript.

We'll have time for 2 speakers, so if you'd like to talk about something related - perhaps another compile-to-javascript language, get in touch!

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Here’s the event for the next Brum.js!

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Thanks all for a great meetup, and +Ben Paddock for the talk!

The suggestion for next month is Compile-To-JavaScript languages, with ClojureScript and ScalaJS both having been mentioned. What do you think? Do you have a language you’d like to talk (or hear) about? Comment below, or message me or @brumjs on twitter :)

Do we have any details of when the next meetup will be?

Welcome to the new Brum.JS Google Plus community!
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