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Hello, welcome to my community! I go by Illi, so feel free to call me that. I will take requests and do them when I am free! Please share this community to support it! ^^

Looking for moderators! You have to be able to write fanfictions/take requests for them (it doesn't have to be rated ones) and know the difference between right and wrong :)

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HelloπŸ˜πŸŒπŸŒšπŸ”«πŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”ž Jungkook Obey Me Or I'll Punish You

You were sitting criss-cross on the bed with Jungkook across from you. He wanted to drink with you, and you couldn't say no to Kookie, even if you were underage.

Jungkook is a sketchy character at your school. He gives off an innocent vibe, but you always heard rumors that He was anything but.

You being the optimistic person you are, didn't believe those rumors you thought were silly. You actually had a crush on him for some time.

You were surprised when he asked you out. You thought he never noticed you, but he did.

After you gone to the movies with him, he invited you back to his place. You didn't think he anything so you agreed.

And now here you are on his bed about to consume this illegal liquid. I knew Jungkook would't dare try anything on you. You were sure he was a good guy and all those rumors were 100% fake.

You took the drink from his hands.

You started to feel really dizzy and out of it, but you only had two shots! Jungkook had an evil smirk on his face...

"What's wrong [Y/N]? You don't look too good." He smirked.

"Uhh, Jungkook I... did you put something in my drink?" You were barely able to say before you passed out on his bed.

You woke up again and Jungkook was next to you half naked. He was beating off. Stroking his beefy member in his hands as he groaned your name.

He noticed you're awake, and stares at you with lust in his eyes. He almost looked like a wild animal staring down at his prey, which he was.

You moved your hand and quickly realized you were tied to the bed frame. Your eyes widened when you also moved your foot... It was also tied up. Your legs and arms are spread apart.

You could barely move your appendages as you squirmed trying desperately to loosen the ties somehow.

"Fuck! I love it, watching you squirm on my bed." When he said that it sent chills up yours spine. His voice went deep. This is not the same innocent boy you knew.

You looked down and saw that you are only in your undergarments.

"Ahhhh!" You screamed out of shock and embarrassment.

"Scream all you want, no one is home and my room is soundproof." You gave him a look like you saw a ghost.

"Don't be scared. I'll make sure to make you feel good." He caressed your waist and his hand wondered all around your body. He still stroked himself lightly. You just stared as his huge cock and the fuck did he think that will fit?

He saw you staring. "Oh? You want my cock? You like what you see?" He stood up and stripped the rest of his clothes. Up until now you were completely speechless by what was happening, but you stupidly said...

"W-What are you g-going to d-do?" It was barely a whisper.

"What does it look like I'm going to do, Babe?" You flinched a little when he started to climb on top of you. "Since you were asleep I had to play with myself, but now that you're awake..."

He gave his length a few pumps. "Suck me."

You were shocked by what he just said that your moth opened wide. He suddenly stuffed his hard-on into your mouth. "Yes open wide and swirl your tongue around it."

He thrusted in and out of your mouth until it reached your throat and you gagged. "Fuck yes, gag on my cock. It feels good! Fuck.."

He grabbed your hair to push himself deeper down your throat. You felt him twitching inside your mouth. Tears were running down your face. He was being so rough with you, but you looked up at him and oddly enjoyed his sex face. It kind of turned you on.

"Ahhh, I'm coming!" He grunted as he came in your mouth. He looked down at you with his cum in your mouth. He grabbed your face leaning down extremely close to you. "Swallow it," he says.

You swallow trying not to taste it. Jungkook licks his lips like he was hungry and attacked your lips with his. he bites your lips harshly and enters your mouth to taste himself. He explores your mouth and fights your tongue. You find yourself slowly giving in to him and kiss back... but

You want to touch him...

"Ju-ng-kook?" You can barely get out a word let alone your breathe. His kisses are so smoldering yet intoxicating.

He started to grind on top of you harshly. You felt his bare dick on your lightly clothed womanhood grow hard again. You tried not to let out a moan, because it's embarrassing. He notices that you are holding back and thrusts harder.

"Uuhhh-ahh." You failed, and moaned in the kiss.

"Mmm.." He groaned as he got up. "If you hold back I'll punish you." He reached over to the night stand and grabbed something. He held it in front of your face then with the push of a button the blade flipped out.

"Ahhh!" You screamed again before Jungkook shut you up with his lips. You shook your head and kept screaming, when he held the blade in front of your face again you stopped.

" really think I would...cut you?" He looked at you with sadness in his eyes and you don't know what to feel.

He used the knife to cut your bra off your body. "I should punish you for thinking that way."

Your bare chest is exposed to Jungkook and you foolishly tried to cover yourself forgetting the fact that you are tied to the bed!

"Jungkook! Pl-ease no!" He just laughed at you.

"Trust me [Y/N]. You'll love this."


He suddenly went down and sucked your breasts like a hungry baby and pinched and pulled your tits continuously until they were erect. You moaned. You moaned so much, it felt so good. You couldn't believe those sounds were coming from you.

One of his hands grabbed the knife again and went down to cut your panties off. He threw the knife somewhere in the room then you felt his hand at your heat.

"You're already so wet for my cock, aren't you?" You moaned as he played in your dripping wet heat. He teased at your entrance with your fingers and watched as you quivered from under him. It turned him on.

He went down on you. He laid his tongue flat on your clit then flicked it. You arched your back pressing your heat into his face. "[Y/N], hold still while I eat you." He held your hips down so you can't move.

He lick you then began to suck at your entrance. You felt yourself getting so wet and Jungkook just kept lapping out all your juices. He started to suck your clit and you couldn't help yourself. You arched your hips again slightly against his force and he groaned out in response.

His grip on your waist, you were sure it would leave bruises. You thought he was mad, but he just sucks you harder.

He enters a finger, and then another. It starts feeling painful. He thrusts them in and out of you while looking up at your sex face. The view, You'd be lying if you said it wasn't amazing.

He flicks his fingers upwards inside of you and you just came instantly on his face and fingers.

He hovers over you and gives you what seems like a death glare. "If you disobey my orders one more time, I will fucking punish you to the point where you'll wish you never met me."

You just stared at him in awe.

He teased at your entrance with his dick.


"What?!" he yelled, and it startled you.

"Umm, can you untie me?" You really wanted to touch him.

"And why should I untie a bad girl like you?"

"I'll obey you, I swear..." Jungkook took a long look at your pouty face and decided to untie you. Once you were untied you tried to sit up, but he pushed you back down. "Don't you dare try to run away [Y/N]."

"I won't..." You honestly never thought of running away......hmmm.

Jungkook has his tip at your entrance again. He pushes it in slowly and you whimpered in pain. You pushed his shoulders down for him to take it out because of pain. He pinned your wrists to the bed.

"Does it hurt that much, baby?" He leans down to kiss you softly then rams the whole rest of his length into your, not-virgin-anymore, pussy.

"Ahh, fuck!" You cried out, tears blurring your vision. You can't believe he did that. He started to thrust in and out of you fast.

He bit and sucked at your neck to ease the pain, creating deep red hickies. He grunted in pleasure every time entered you.

"Ugh, Fuck [Y/N] your pussy is so good. It's suffocating my cock." He pumped into you, and with every dirty little thing he said, that pain turned to pleasure. You became more aroused.

"Ahh, faster Jungkook-ah." You feel yourself getting closer to your climax. You tighten around his dick, and he feels it. You're about to cum.

"[Y/N]....Don't you dare cum without me...or I swear I'll ruin you." unfortunately, Jungkook was nowhere near climax, despite how good it felt inside of you.

You really couldn't help it, and to make matters worse, you brought your hand down to your clit so you could reach your climax disobeying his orders. "Ahhhh!"


Jungkook stopped. He looked down at what you just did.

He pulled out and looked at you with a blank expression. To be honest, you weren't too scared of him now. I mean...can his punishment be that bad?

You slightly smiled and his expression turned dark. You pulled your legs into your chest because the tension started to build.

"Did you just...touch yourself?" He started to get closer to you and you backed into the corner still on the bed.

He forcefully spread your knees apart and and rubbed your clit harshly with his thumb. "This" he hit your pussy hard making you gasp, "is mine."

He gets up and goes to one of his drawers.

You are now scared. What the fuck is he getting. You really didn't want to kind out.

You quietly grabbed your clothes then sneak to the door. You open it and it creaks.

In the corner of your eye you say Jungkook trying to get you, but you just run out of the room. Fuck! you don't have your clothes on so you can't leave! You ran into the bathroom and locked it.

He started to bang on the door. "Oh! I forgot I have a key. Let me go get that..." Shit.

As soon as you think he left and you had your clothes on, you crept out of the bathroom. You made it to the front door! Yes!

But then... Someone grabbed you from behind and towered over you. He kissed your neck and you shuddered.

"Babe, I'm sorry, but you can't leave until I punish you." He holds you tighter. "I can't promise you that you'll enjoy it, but I know I will." He turns you around and slams you against the door. You yelp in pain. "This time, obey me. Okay?"ο»Ώ

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Eli Kim requested! +Shreya Dharambhat

I don't have a title for this one. And sorry in advance, I feel like I made it a bit of an angst when the genre is supposed to be fluff. I think it is though.

A few months ago, I was confessed to by Kingka of Seungri High. It was a sunny Friday when I was surprised by a boy who suddenly kneeled in front of me asking me to accept his feelings.

I didn't know who he was at the time, but after I bluntly turned him down, I started to find out just how powerful he is at this school.

My uniform always went missing after gym class.

My locker was always being vandalized.

My bike was sabotaged to break while I was riding on it one day.

"Hey! That's the bitch that turned down our Eli!"

"What?! That's her?"

"I know! She's not that much to look at!"

"Let's teach her a lesson!"

I was beat up from time to time.

I never wanted any of this! I just wanted to attend school quietly and study and stuff.

Three months passed by full of torture. And today we had swim class.

I stayed behind to clean up when someone pushed me into the water.

I was struggling to return to the surface, but that same person keeps me under like their life depended on it.

I stopped fighting. Maybe I should have just done this before. It's better this way. I let the the cold water caress me and waited until death swallowed me while.

My eyelids blinked open and I began to cough up the water trapped inside my lungs. I took painfully deep breaths and stared at the ceiling in... regret.

I kind of wish that I died...

"[Y/N]! Thank goodness, you're alive!"

I began sobbing, because of the word, 'alive'. I didn't want to be.

The guy held me close to his chest and I could hear his heart beating faster than mine. "I-I'm sorry. This is all my fault. Don't cry, [Y/N]. I'm here now. Please don't cry."

I heard him crying over me and it only made me cry more. And it hurt to cry. My throat is sore. I felt weak and lightheaded.

I felt he picked me up and carried me. I heard talks from people around us in the halls.

I fell asleep in his arms.

I woke up in my bed and it's almost dinner time. How did I even get here? I don't feel like eating so...what's this.

There's a familiar person at my bedside. I've seen him before. The one who confessed to me. I only remembered the top of his head because he never looked up at me when he confessed. I leaned forward to look at his face. So this is Kim Eli, our schools Kingka? Wow.

I nudged him to wake up.
"Hey, ireona..." He turned his head over. He must be really tired or something? He looks actually kind of cute.

"Ya! Wake up!" I yelled, and this time he did with a loud groan. It startled me. It was like an angry groan, not a cute sleepy one! Omg! I hid under the covers and turned over trying to pretend it didn't happen. Lol.

"[Y/N]? You're awake?" I didn't move. "Do you need anything?" Yes! I need you to leave! "I know you're awake... Why are you covering yourself up like that? You're making me hot."

I'm making Eww, what does that even mean?! "Please, go away..." I said, but I heard no movement. Instead I felt a presence behind me on my bed, and arms wrapped around me. I mentally screamed.

"I can't leave, your mom told me to look after you while she's gone..." Thanks mom. My body was stiff and the room grew silent, but it was a...comfortable silence which I don't understand why.

"Umm, why are you on my bed?" I asked. I don't know why I did either.

"Because you're on it," he hugged me tighter, "and I'm in love with you."

My whole body had goosebumps. Even on the insides. My heart, it's beating to fast. I can't speak, my words are stuck in my throat. I feel like crying again for some reason. I sobbed quietly then... He lifted the blanket I was covered in and turned me around to face him.

I was shocked when he stared at me. He looked like he wanted to cry too. Why would someone care about me like this. He took my face in his hands.

"Why are you still crying? Don't cry! I just told you I love you and you cry? Is it that much of a burden for you?" I was about to say yes when he cut me. "No! What are you doing?! Don't answer that. I don't care if It's a burden. I'm going to make you fall for me so it will be yours too to bear." He hugged me. "Don't worry, this this time, I'll protect you." He whispered.

I felt him kiss my cheek and felt a faint blush appear on my face. I hesitated, but I eventually hugged him back... Then I realized something...

"Omo omo! W-why?! Why are you-?! S-shirtless?!?!" My voice was really dry. I heard him chuckling and I started to push him away, but he wouldn't let go.

"My school clothes were wet, so your mom is washing them. They should be done soon."

"Are you trying something on me?!" I said almost embarrassed.

" looked so warm, I wanted to be warm too."

"Well then should I get you a separate blanket? Or another shirt?"


"No? Wae?!" He faced me, then... I felt his warm lips caressing mine. My eyes shot open and I just let him, and after a while, I started it. I closed my eyes and let him kiss me. I've never kissed before, so I don't know exactly how it goes. I actually found myself wanting more after he released my lips.

He kissed my forehead and smiled looking into my eyes. I think my heart is about to explode. I just had my first kiss!

When mom came home the three of us had dinner and mom wouldn't stop complementing on Eli's good looks. She told him that my 'boyfriend' is welcome over anytime, to which I retorted with, 'he's not my boyfriend!'

I stayed home from school for a whole week, and each and every day without fail, Eil came to give me my homework... And he stayed to keep me company.

It was Monday again, and to my dismay I had to go back to school. When I walked out of my house I was surprised to see Eli waiting by his car. He smiled as I walked over to him, and...of course he kisses me right on the lips. It made those butterflies go crazy inside my stomach every time he did that. He pulled away.

"Good morning, beautiful~" he sings sweetly. I smiled. Wow, I actually smiled on a Monday. He opened the car door for me then hurried to the drivers side to fasten my seatbelt. He started driving playing happy music, and I don't know why. I just couldn't stop smiling.

When we got to school everyone stared at us. He quickly held my hand and we walked down the corridor. There were those same group of girls that bullied me for three months gathered around my locker. I felt Eli's hand squeeze mine tighter. He pulled me behind him.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?! This is vandalism!" He yelled at the girls.

"She dumped you. She deserves it, Eli." One of the girls said. She looked over at me and her expression went dark. They all stared in shock and displeasure.

"What are you doing with my Eli, you bitch," she yelled.

I was about to let go of his hand, but what he said stops me.

"She's not a bitch, she's my girlfriend!"


The hall grew silent and my legs began to shake.

"I don't appreciate you calling her that, and I don't like how you have been treating her!" He looked back at me, and I realized that tears were falling from my face. He wiped them and put his arm around me.

"Now apologize to her, or I'll have you expelled." The girls quickly apologized and offered to clean up the mess, and I mean they should..they did it.

Eli walked me to class after going to his locker. He gave me his chemistry book to borrow because mine is probably screwed up.

"Did anyone bother you in this class or the other ones?"

"N-no." I lied. I thought what he just did was enough to get the message out so...

"I know you're lying [Y/N]."

"Well, you lied too! Who's your girlfriend?" He stared at me in a loss for words.

"What do you mean...babe? We hugged and kissed...even slept together!"

"Whoa, whoa, shhhhh! Keep it down...we never...did anything you pervert!" I hit his chest playfully and entered my class.

Someone grabbed me from behind. "You forgot something." He turned me around and our lips met. I can hear some cheers in the background, or is that just me? Haha.

School wasn't hell anymore now that I have Eli. He became like my other half. Though I never said we are officially going out he still just assumes we are no matter what I say. No one believes me either. Not even my own mother! It's because he likes too much PDA. Ugh, I never thought I'd like it as much as I do... I think it's because it's him.

Omg! I can't believe I just wrote this!!! Lolol

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New series! The rating is PG-13!!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing byuntae, okay lolol...

Post has attachment here is the 4th chapter to my fanfiction! Yay! Please tell me what you think and vote for it please! Also let me know in this comment area what you liked about it! Thank you!

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I f** can't stop laughing. I even laughed at my own fanfiction cause idk? It's a secret. It's so fun. I'm so happy and full of laughter that I can't sleep. I'll just write instead! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘¨β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘¨ YAY FOR YAOI EMOTICONS!
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I was dying for hours!!! I didn't even know why it was so funnyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ just imagining Eric's face as the guy told him to calm down! Lolol I can't!

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This being my first time posting to this community, I wanted to tell everyone that chapter 3 (chpt 1 and 2 already out) to my fan fiction involving BTS has come out! Yay! I hope you enjoy! Tell me what you think! Thank you. :)

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