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LISTEN UP EVERYONE!!! okay I and LOTS of other mods come across a lot of poorly made profiles,no longer will that happen. We are sick of seeing poorly made profiles and we have made a new template that shall be followed from this day forth. Now lots of people have had such little info on their profiles and that's kinda lazy to us. So here is the profile template for newcomers ((if you have already made a profile before this post was made then don't worry,we wont make you edit it.)) So since lots of people have made poorly made profiles here is the new template newcomers MUST follow. Also DO NOT make your profile Over powered,no god modding either.

Species: ((you may be what ever you want to be))
Appearance: ((if you have a pic you do not have to put this))
EDIT: teacher profiles must have at least three sentences for each section ((age,gender,and name is not included,only the other sections. Bio must be a paragraph still)) you

You must be descriptive with your profiles to be approved,don't just put one sentence for your bio. Also don't put :"doesn't have a bio" or "unknown" on your bio section. As i was saying,please just put effort and info on your profiles,ya'll are awesome Role players and i hope to see you all having fun! thank you! :)

So this place is dead right

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Name: Ritsu Maiyoma
Gender: female
Species: immortal
Abilities(current): telekinesis, can teleport from place to place, shape-shift
Age: 18
Height: 5"3
Weight: 125lbs
Dere type: Tsundere
Likes: music, winter, the color turquoise
Dislikes: seeing others get hurt, being betrayed
Hobbies: playing music, using powers to fool around with
Eye color: left eye is blue and right eye is red
Hair color: blonde
Bio/Backstory: since her parents both died, it was only herself on her own, she had to protect herself and when she did, she found out all the new abilities she never knew she had

When she got older, she used her abilities to fight off criminals and capture bad guys. But it was only for her sake. She had to protect herself somehow

the red beast atomsk flys into my head i start twitching and shakeing in pain

+Haruhara Haruko "Invader Haru" (Vespa-Woman)​ thanks for accepting me to the community.

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Name: Violet P. (Full last name unknown)

Age: 17

Gender: Female, duh.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: DO YOU WANT TO GET PUNCHED?! 142 pounds

Skills: Good with a knife, but can and will go full-on psycho if enraged

Species: Half human, half... whatever the purple guy from FNAF 2 is.

Likes: Her job, TV, ramen and cats

Dislikes: Romance, her parents, "doing the do" and needles

Personality: She's a cold girl that softens up as you get to know her. You'll find that she's hard to get close to, however. Especially romantically. She will finish anything she starts and has great determination.

Bio: She was born to a loving mother and psycho father, whom gained custody of her when she was around two years old. Her whole life she's been dealing with her father's insanity and has started to show signs of her own. She recently got a job at Freddy's and likes to hang out with the animatronics. They consider her family and she feels the same about them. She came to this school because she was an outcast at her previous one, the bullying becoming unbearable. She hopes it'll be different here.
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((Open Rp since I haven't posted anything on here lately~))
turns up the volume on my Amplifier,plugs in my guitar and starts recording my cover of Cha La Head Cha La

hikaru kumo wo tsuki-nuke Fly Away Fly Away~
karadajuu ni hirogaru PANORAMA
kao wo kerareta chikyuu ga okotte okotte
kazan wo bakuhatsu saseru

toketa koori hokkyoku no naka ni
kyouryuu ga itara tama nori-shi-komitai ne

Chara hetchara!
nani ga okite mo kibun wa heno-heno KAPPA
Chara Hetchara!
mune ga PACHI-PACHI suru hodo
sawagu gen ki dama~~~~


sora wo kyuukouka Jet Coaster~
ochite yuku yo PANIKKU no sono rakuen e Panic
keshiki sakasa ni naru to yukai sa yukai sa!
yama sae oshiri ni mieru

nayamu jikan wa nai yo
dokoka ni hisomu "BIKKURI!" ni aitai kara

Chara Hetchara~!
atama KARAPPO no hou ga yume tsume-komeru
Chara Hetchara~!
egao URUTORA Z <ZED> de

kyou mo AI YAI YAI YAI

Chara hetchara!
nani ga okite mo kibun wa heno-heno KAPPA
Chara Hetchara!
mune ga PACHI-PACHI suru hodo
sawagu gen ki dama~~~~

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I just wanna apologize for my lack of activity over the past few days. I'm actually trying to get someone to build a website for me where all of us can Rp without having to worry about Google's ridiculous name policies and other shenanigans like spam accounts and stupid typical reposts of chainpastas and the like. It's actually quite difficult to design a functional and still aesthetically pleasing website. It's probably not going to be an operational site until around Late February to Early March. For those of you who have feedback on this plan please comment below.

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Name: The Shinigami Master 
Age: 18 (older then that)
Gender: Male
Species: Shinigami 
Weapon: A black Death Scythe that can turn into any legendary Shinigami's Death Scythe
Abilities(current) : martial arts, acrobatics, can teleport and travel through Shinigami portals, he can use any Legendary Shinigami's abilities as well as their weapons. (past abilities): can turn into his undead form and kill people in just one slash. He no longer has his Undead abilities.  
likes: helping out people, eating, and practicing his skills.
dislikes: thieves, mean people and people wh try to kill his friends.
Personality: Nice, caring and tries to protect his friends
Bio: He was trained by multiple Shinigamis to control his powers, thus he became the Shinigami Master. Since then, he has been doing his job as a shinigami and helping others. since he lost his undead powers, hes been a hero. he was a villain when he had his undead powers till atomsk defeated him and drained him from his undead powers. he still has his Shinigami powers, just not his Undead powers. 
Appearance: human, but he has a true form which is a grim reaper in its true form, but he doesnt use his true form because hes afraid of what others might think of him.

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Spike?! What's the matter with you today?? You've been so jumpy since this morning buddy,what has you so spooked out today huh? I've got a big lecture on The proper use of Magic to finish writing. So please do try to calm down. talking to my dog Spike in my dorm with the door wide open when you come into the room to see what the matter is
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