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New Year, New Challenge! You don’t need a new you, you just need to get started with something different. Try Krav Maga. Sign up today and kick start your 2017.
Be part of Spartans Academy of Krav Maga, the UK’s highest level coaching programme delivered by Professional and Qualified Self Defence Instructors.
Get tougher, stronger, faster, with Spartans Academy of Krav Maga. In just 8 weeks you’ll look good, feel great, and have learned proven close quarter combat skills rarely seen outside of specialist military and law enforcement units. Gain an elite level of fitness and an unprecedented confidence and mental toughness. Join Us Today.

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Spartans Academy of Krav Maga: where fitness meets fighting and our students meet a newfound sense of confidence.
Build a stronger body, rejuvenate your spirit, improve your reflexes, better your mood, relieve stress, and be happier.

At Spartans Academy, we offer a specialised and unique self-defence training, using a scientific and intense-workout programme that combines THE MOST UP-TO-DATE authentic Israeli Krav Maga and fitness, with Krav Maga combative and athletic training to provide a diverse and comprehensive self-defence programme that maximizes the original Israeli technique and the expertise of top Krav Maga professionals.

Students will learn refined Krav Maga techniques and tactics to maximize their self-defence skills and situational awareness. The focus of our Krav Maga classes is to improve your Krav Maga technique, fighting skills, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and strength through a dynamic training of repetition, specialist drills, and unique and powerful striking combinations.

The fat will melt off of your body: Krav Maga burns more calories than any other form of exercise and helps you to build muscle and tone your physique quickly and efficiently – a full body workout that will benefit you from the first day.


Our Krav Maga Instructors are skilled professionals and completely dedicated to helping students succeed.

You’ll leave our Krav Maga classes feeling: confident, skilled, happier, stronger, fitter and energised.

Try for FREE today and witness the power of our Krav Maga self-defence and fitness programmes.

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Ozzy tries to get to grips with Minecraft and fails badly....

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and another one of him, the birds just as nuts

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check him out, this one is a well known grimsby icon really, harmless,  but proper funny sometimes. Man this guys away with the fairies.

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ummm derr, face an everything,  lets get um caught.....sure some one out there knows these ugly mugs
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