Post is pinned.Post has attachment OnTheGoGo has taken over PoGo maps, since Google thinks the old displayed Pokémon, using the API hack. New name, New app, New features. Still over 5 million locations worldwide.

You asked for it, we brought it to you. PoGo Maps for the entire world!

It's opening up on the play store now. Should be available to everyone very soon. Hopefully, it doesn't crash our server! ;)

New feature the to map. When in the default PoGo view and you zoom in far enough, the "Unknown" locations will be displayed. This is for the users who were having trouble finding locations. (not using the selection box)

Had some reports of a white screen/map. Might have fixed that. Let us know if you still have the problem and we will investigate further.

EDIT: Couple of more changes and I think the issue has been resolved.

Checking on the server.. Looks like it is having a hiccup.


Annnnnndddd... We're back!

Added a new refresh button in the bottom left corner of the map. Might be handy for those of you who are making edits.

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"Not available in your country"

Currently, we are only mapping North America. Once we have it finished, we plan to move to other regions. Please be patient and check back if you are not in North America.

Also, we are only available to Android users. iOS is planned sometime soon.


Opening up to the entire world shortly!

Current Stats for North America

Number of Gyms 1,435
Number of Stops 5,184
Unknown Locations 941,059
Total Locations 947,758

Unknown Locations, are the locations that we have in PoGo Maps, but that haven't been marked yet.


Awesome job everyone, keep up the good work!

Number of Gyms 1,732
Number of Stops 6,401
Unknown Locations 1,626,270
Removed Locations 117
Total Locations 1,634,520

We have not run into any problems the past day with the beta testing. We're proud to announce that we are pushing this version into production, for everyone inside of North America. Other regions coming soon!
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