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Some surveys for GSF projects. Thanks for taking some time to do these.

Girls only! Body Image Survey
ACT Survey
School Lunch Bullying
Food and Health

junk in chairs
mabey holly bagering

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Shout out to +Chantell Burrell for rocking the background research section for Google Science Fair!

1.) We have did our research, finding the amount of bee colonies that have died off, finding the problems to why the colonies have passed, and if there are any other methods to protect plants at the same time the environment, such as the bees.

2.) We have accomplished our question or proposal. Why are there so many bees dying and how can we help them?

we have gotten our idea and have done research on it, we need to expand the research and contact a expert on our topic

We are doing a great product! We already have made a website and we also completed one of our docs 

I have research about lactic acid and ways to get rid of it completed, I also have a list different workouts that work the muscles a pitcher needs to be more effective. Over this week I would like to do research on why these workouts make you more effective as a pitcher, and also figure out ways to get more leverage when you're pitching to throw harder and more accurate

We came up with a good project and made a website.

We (+Jackson Howes and I) did a experiment which and almost broke a hot plate. And we are trying to find material's for a small scale heater.
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