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( +Malila Lana))

Gulun-Ai was an untrained force senstive human male seeking a trainer. He flew his ship towards Yavin, flying past Yavin IV. He was fleeing from Imperial TIE fighters after he had attempted to sabotage a small group of Stormtroopers. Suddenly, he grimaced as his stolen TIE fighter was struck by a blast or two. The fighter began to descend into Yavin IV, struggling to keep control of it. He inevitably crashed into IV, coughing and staggering away from the wreck before it exploded, alerting Sevedar. Do you feel that? Sevedar spoke.

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((+Malila Lana))

Sevedar approached a locked room. He sighed, preparing himself for what he would find inside. He took his lightsaber and slashed it to pieces.
Sevedar Polleck sat on a tree stump, meditating by himself on the remote moon of Yavin 4, attempting to become truly in tune with the force, feeling its presence around him and harnessing it, letting it remove his doubts about his goals in the galaxy. He had his eyes shut firmly, only the tweeting from birds being heard around him.

Sevedar Polleck was a Jedi Knight, now Master who had survived Order 66 and the Great Jedi Purge and the events had certainly left an impact on him. The trauma of seeing so many other people he once united with die in front of him troubled him and as a result, would meditate frequently to overcome the negativity. He must have sat in the same spot like an immobile rock for at leas a few hours, the passing of time be seeing to bother him at all.

He let out a final breath before standing and walking silently over to an abandoned structure, strong on the light side of the force while going to unnoticed by everyone in the Galaxy expect himself. He pondered what his next move would be, before he snapped his head upwards, sensing another presence. I do not wish you harm. You may approach me. The Jedi spoke calmly.

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Name: Kal-Teh
Age: ~43
Rank: Grey Jedi
Saber Color: White
HomePlanet: Tatooine
Family: None
Friends: Sasha (Last name unkown)
Bio: Born on the two sunned, sand ball of a planet Tatooine, Kal-Teh frequently got in trouble, at 16 Kal-Teh stole supplies from jabba the hut, later, jabba's thugs attacked his home and killed his parents and kidnapped his sister, he met a archeologist who attempted to kill the pit of carkoon but failed, at the same hour he was taken by the sith and was attempted to be trained, was not very successful. After a long time he met Sasha at Most Eisley, he went to the jedi temple and was able to locate three jedi training holocrons, for months he trained with Sasha using the holocrons, he has had many adventures but that has lead him to today.

(Profile Update)

Name: Malila Lana
Age: 15
Rank: Jedi padawan
Faction: Jedi order
Weapons: Twin purple lightsabers
Force Sensitivity: High
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Naboo
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 136 lbs
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Personality: Kind, loving, compassionate
Biography: When Malila was two years old, she was discovered by the Jedi and taken to the Jedi temple. Her parents were sad to see her go, but they felt it was the right thing to do. Malila excelled in her training, training at the Jedi temple allowing master Yoda to deem her ready to be trained under a master at the young age of fourteen years old. Malila was given a master and fought in the 102nd legion. she escaped Order 66 after her master died protecting her.

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Padme Amidala
Born 46 BBY
Died 19 BBY
Height 1.65 meters
Senator, ex queen of Naboo.

Welp, this was the closest category I could find, so yeah.

Name: Uriah Tiern

Age: somewhere in his late twenties/early thirties? He isn't sure.

Affiliation: Neutral

Personality: paranoid, impatient, lots of inside jokes

Appearance: dark skinned male, short, black hair, brown eyes.

Backstory: His past is a blur, unclear, but he can remember a few snippets, everything else is so, so far away. He knows he used to live somewhere with lots of trees, (many places had lots of trees) and he remembers __fear__ The feeling where your breathing quickens and there are needles trailing up the back of our neck and everything tells you to __run.

__So he remembers running._

Other stuff: Okay never mind he's a fucking force sensitive

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Have you seen this?, if not.. get ready for a lightsaber mission.
RCA Operation. a lightsaber duel made by us. enjoy :)
Animated Photo

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