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using the example:
when i ran the test folder by"
command : python3 --fixture tests
it gave me an error
tests/provider/oauth2/ no docstring available
tests/provider/oauth2/ no docstring available
tests/provider/oauth2/ no docstring available
tests/provider/oauth2/ no docstring available

Let me know if i am doing it worng

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I am using this for falcon oauth but i dont know how to start this working where to send the request and how it is working.

when i visited
thier is nice usage part that explain everything but on falcon oauth it is not there can some explain thanks a ton......

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to use OAuthLib to build an oauth provider for a mobile client app and in the backend I haveTornado as the main framework for all api flow.

I read the documentation but still have doubts about how to properly implement the provider. Is there any guidance like tutorials or hands-on that I can follow.

Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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Error in query:ACCESS DENIED This spreadhseet is not publically viewable and requires an Oauth credentials.

for more informantion,see

I want to see the charts. using

function displayData(response) {
var data = response.getDataTable();

var opts = {sendMethod: 'auto'};

var query = new google.visualization.Query('', opts);

query.setQuery('select *');

but this URL is not getting accessed though I have made it public.

Hi Guys,

I would like to know the exact flow of implementing an oauth2 authentication from Odoo to a php based web server which has a rest api in place. 

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Hey all. I'm hoping to include support for OpenID Connect for a project I'm working on and I noticed that there was some past work done on an experimental branch in oauthlib (by ib-lundgren on I've gone ahead and tried to bring that fork up to date with master, done some work to complete what's needed to support the Authorization Code Flow (and a bit for the Implicit Flow).

I'm validating the code using the tox tests and have modified a version of the django-oauth2-tookit in my project that's using it successfully (dev environment).

I wonder if there's anyone who would be willing to take a look and give me feedback so I can try to get the code into some sort of shape that it might eventually be considered for merging into master?

Code's at

Any feedback would be really appreciated!

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Hello. Are there any generic real life examples of how to build a provider with oauthlib? I'm going though the documentation at, it is all nice but half of it is in relation to django and even that does not go into the details of HOWTO.

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Hi, could it be that a bug was introduced with this change?

I'm authenticating against an API without scope, and then I get a NoneType exception on line 32 in this particular spot. Shouldn't line 31 read: if 'scope' in params and params['scope']: ?
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